Saturday, May 23, 2009

Google for Safety

Thursday was our monthly safety meeting at work. As previously mentioned, these are sometimes the highlight of the day. Sadly we do not have our sexist instructor anymore, its now some really nice guy who never says anything inappropriate. No fun. A couple months ago at a meeting someone had asked a question about handling blood and injuries with blood or something along that line. So this month they had asked our Workers Comp rep to come in and do a presentation about blood born pathogens.

This guy has done at least three meetings for us, I would remember because I like his sense of humor and he is kind of cute. Two things together that make it pretty hard for me to forget :) The first thing he asked us was if we were all new because he didn't recognize us. Awesome. Guess we didn't leave an as impressionable memory. He showed us a 10 minute movie made in 1994 for school janitors. I graduated in 94 and did we really think the jeans back then were attractive?

Then he opened it up for questions. Someone asked a question about what you should and shouldn't but in bio hazard bags. Answer - I'm not really sure on that, we will have to ask someone and get back to you. Next question, Our area doesn't really have a set policy of how to handle cleaning when dealing with bodily fluids, is there a set policy we can refer to. Answer - Not sure on that one, we should look into it. Last question, How long does blood and bodily fluids stay hazardous, do you use the same precautions on something that just happened and something that has been there for a period of time. Answer - Not really sure but I'm sure you could Google it and find that out.

So basically we should have spent the hour sitting at our desks searching Google. Of course Google doesn't tell you jokes. Maybe that's a change they need to make, daily jokes when you search and random pictures of cute guys. I would never leave my desk.


Britta said...

Awesome. Goggle is getting close to sustaining all our needs.

I remember the first time I didn't peg my pants - I couldn't believe how "wide" the legs were - and they were just a straight cut. Ugh.

Andrea said...

Ridiculous! Sounds like he was there for the sole purpose of eye candy.

Shelbot said...

it was truly entertaining though. i know today i specifically said i was gonna blog about some work thing, and now i can't remember.

Kristen said...

so did the old safety man finally retire so he could spend some more time with the wife?

Kari said...

Kristen sadly the old safety guy got fired. There were all sorts of weird rumors around it which I'm not sure our true. The one I heard was that as a joke someone put some offensive bumper sticker on his work truck. I guess it was there for a long time before he noticed it. And because he was the safety person in charge of the spot the tot program which requires you to walk around your truck, he got fired over it. weird.