Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I was kind of amused today when I got home and found a "Welcome to the neighborhood and ward" packet on my door step. Thanks. I moved here six years ago. What I found most amusing was that I'm on the included phone list. Hmmm...

Monday, October 19, 2009

Is it ok to play?

Before actual post - Do you have those times where you just don't feel like blogging. And maybe don't even feel like reading anyone elses blog. And then the desire starts to come back and you're like, wait I missed so much and now I need to catch up but where do I begin. Or do I just start from here and sort of forget those weeks that just went by. Well...moving on.

So I usually stay away from "controversial" topics on here. Because I don't like confrontation. And honestly, I have my opinions and you have your opinions and that's just the way life is. I probably won't change mine you probably won't change yours so lets just sit in a circle and sing Kumbaya. But I have a dilemma and I'm actually interested in hearing your opinion. Yep yours. Not that I don't feel that away about any post...back to subject.

Will wants a toy gun. I hate guns. Dilemma. Do you let your kid have something that you really really dislike cause its just a toy and making a big deal about not having it seems like a bigger deal then the fact that you don't like it? Or do you say, no, I don't like this and I don't care that I don't know anyone else that has said this, its still my feeling?

History - When Will's dad Pat was little his mom didn't want him to have a toy gun. She bought him a toy drill and instead of having a gun like all the other kids, he used his drill to shoot things. And he was laughed at. Now the main point of this is that even if you don't give a kid a toy gun, they will make one up. Use a stick, their hand, a drill, what have you. So is that any different than just buying them the gun?

Here's my issue. Guns are made to hurt things. Kill things. Not a fan. And I'm not saying that I have a problem with people owning guns. Not the point. You have your gun and we can talk about that another time. I'm talking about kids. Little kids. Pointing a toy at someone and pretending to kill them. Cause that's what you do with toy guns. You take turns being the bad guy and you kill each other.

Now I know the vast majority of kids that grow up playing cops and robbers do not go on to commit school massacres or such. But you know what, some do. And not that I'm worried about my kid becoming a criminal, but it just seriously disturbs me to see him point his finger at someone and make shooting noises.

Today I read a story in the paper about some kids running around outside with an air gun. They were running around the neighborhood chasing each other and all of the sudden the kid found himself staring down a real gun. It happens that they were running outside of a police officer's home. He heard kids yelling, looked outside and saw what he thought was a real hand gun. He went outside and pulled his gun on the kid. Now luckily the story ends there. The kid didn't get hurt. But he could have. Just because of appearances.

So does it come down to what kind of gun, where you let them play with it, how you let them play with it, or is that just all irrelevant and you say, you know what, I don't want you to have a gun? And if you do, do they grow up wanting this thing so badly that it becomes a bad thing? Something that they get into trouble with because they don't understand the power of a gun? Circles and circles and circles in my mind.

So...does your kid have a toy gun? Did you have a toy gun growing up? Talk amongst yourselves. And then leave a comment :)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Lego Time

Will and I were building this awesome helicopter this morning. He came across the round white piece in front on the picture. He asked me what it was for and I told him I wasn't sure. (Keep in mind this is a fire and police set) After looking at it for a few seconds Will decided he had figured it out. "Oh I know. I bet its for a chicken stand. Do you think they have a chicken stand outside the police station?" Uh....yeah...I bet its for a chicken stand bud.