Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas in Pictures

I've been pretty onry for the past few days so I don't really feel like blogging...but I know if I don't put these up now, nothing will get posted. So here is my Christmas recap in pictures.

Will told me tilting his head makes cute pictures

The crowd on the Eve

sausage and olives for dinner...well its Christmas

Luke using the star light to examine uncle Jef's tongue

the cleaning crew

Jesus wants you to sanitize before knocking

the opening of the eve pajamas...

clothes? what do you mean all I get to open is clothes

auntie M to the rescue with cooler pj's

yep...its Legos

snuggling with blankie from aunt B

trying to assist in the Lego construction

finished products...and a tilted head for cuteness effect

new computer from dad

showing Meghan Lego Designer

cousin project on Lego Designer

Festivus Feats of Strength...Jackie 1 - Zen 0

boxing gloves uncle Will gave to the kids
(fyi - Alex has no natural aggression)

Papa makes a great punching bag

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Published Part II?

Just over a year ago I was contacted about having a photo I took in London used in a online photo guidebook. I was pretty shocked especially because I thought it was a pretty random picture that they picked. But still a pretty flattering thing.

Well a few days ago I was emailed about the possibility of using a picture I took for a Parks and Rec magazine. When I got the email and read it was for a P&R thing I just assumed that it was one of some work pics I had put online at Flickr, but weren't actually ones I took. I told them sure, go ahead. Didn't think much of it, was just curious which of those pics they had wanted because I didn't think any of them were very noteworthy.

So they sent me a copy of the proof today, and much to my surprise, it was a picture I took, of Will! Again, I never would have picked that picture to be published and I still don't think its that great a shot, just happened to include a subject they were looking for, rubber playground mulch. Who would have thought taking a pic of your kid at the Kanab playground could turn into your child showing up in a national magazine.

The thing I was also really excited about is its in the NRPA magazine. Now anyone who doesn't work in my department will think, umm...ok...but this is a big deal people! We are actually members of NRPA at work and receive this magazine! I can't wait for it to come in the mail.

Again a little weird feeling because I happen to personally know some amazing photographers, so to just have some random shot of mine published, actually just makes me want to get a really nice camera, take a class, and just dive in and learn a lot more about the art. Haven't stopped smiling, definitely made my day :)

(Oh and just a hint, post your pics on Flickr, apparently people search there a lot)
link to the original

Sunday, December 6, 2009

NOT a tradition

Last year Maiken and I bought ginger bread houses for the kids thinking it would be a fun tradition to start. This was the result.

A few trees for roof support, lots of dripping icing, but the kids had a great time. And my face hurt from laughing afterwards. (btw - that icing was NOT applied by a child) So last weekend while at IKEA we saw some gingerbread houses and thought we would give it another try, and its from IKEA so it has to be part of a family tradition (our family is swedish).

Dear IKEA, You make cool furniture and great kids dishes, your food is pretty good, but your gingerbread houses suck!

Who has ever bought a gingerbread house kit that didn't include icing or candy? Lameness.

Kids working together on Will's house, Lucia's was under HUD Homes repairs

At least kids have no concept of their mom's preconceived visions of activities, and still just have fun.

New Obsession

If you had told me a year ago that Will would go a month without touching his beloved "vehicles" collection, I would have laughed. But its true. It seems these days are long gone...

And have been replaced with days of...LEGOS!!!

driving in the car with Will
Will~ Mom what are your favorite things?
Me~ You, trees, monkeys...
W~ Oh!! If you got me a jungle lego set I could build you a tree and a monkey!
W~ What else do you like?
M~ Mountains...
W~ I could build you a lego mountain!!
M~ Could you build me a lego Will?
W~ (thinking) I don't think my head can know how to do that, but I could build you a pretend boy

M~ What do you want for Christmas?
W~ A lego set where you build a fire truck and a fireman
M~ Ok, what else do you want
W~ A lego set where you build a police car and a policeman
M~ Ok, besides legos what do you want
W ~ Well...maybe a car...or maybe a lego set where you build a car