Thursday, August 27, 2009

Words of Wisdom

One of my least favorite parts of my job is event planning. Hate, hate, HHHHAAAATTTTEEEE it. But because I have to plan events, or maybe because I was born with common sense, I have learned a thing or two. I would like to pass along my wisdom to the masses (ok the 6 people that read my blog.)

There is an order of planning that goes into an event. Yeah there are things that can be moved around here and there, but there is one thing that never waivers. Never. You secure your location BEFORE you send out invitations. Just thought I would pass along that info. Before, remember that.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Just Pondering...

Is UDOT like the biggest employer ever? While driving from Salt Lake to Payson, there are currently 8 construction projects going on. EIGHT!!!!! I don't know, maybe they could pick say one every like 30 miles, have a whole bunch of people work on it, you know team work. Get it over with, move onto the next one.

Side note: The Dixie Chick's album, Taking the Long Way (no pun intended) helps get me through that exciting drive like nothing else. Still in running for my favorite album of all time. Oh, and Geneva Road is my new best friend.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Gittin my hick on Part III

Will has been asking for about a month to go to a Monster Truck Show. Since his birthday is in September I figured I would start looking around and try and find one close to b-day time. None to be found, but there was going to be a Demolition Derby at the Utah County Fair in Spanish Fork. So I asked Will if he would be interested and it was decided we would go.

I wasn't exactly sure how I felt about going to a demolition derby, I'll admit I felt like I would be surrounded by a lot of acid washed jeans and halter tops. Surprisingly, I had a lot of fun. Although I wouldn't recommend the stadium very highly. Sitting on wood benches without backs or leg room for three hours will make you do something you have never done before.

I have never left a sporting event before that clock hits zero. Never left a concert before you are absolutely sure that another encore is not about to happen. And yet, I suggested leaving the derby before the final event. A tired kid on my lap and a whining one next to me made me falter. Even so I think we all had a good fill of getting down in the dirt fun.

A fire added to the excitement

And for a kid obsessed with tow trucks, the fact that most had to be removed from the ring that way, was just a huge bonus.

A really hard hit

First hit of the round, both cars stayed that way despite several attempts to unlock the cars, even by other cars ramming them.

Powder Puff round (all women). You can't see it very well but the green/blue car right in the middle drove in already on a bent axle, and yet went on to the be the only driver standing taking the round handily.

A friend heard on the radio that there is going to be a monster truck show in the area next weekend. So our adventures will continue next week after getting the chance to see GRAVE DIGGER!!! (supposedly he's pretty good :) So far my neck is still pretty white, but we will see after this summer full of adventures.

Gittin my hick on Part II

Utah County Fair here we come!

Animals to see and smell. Cows seem much bigger from 4 ft away. Apparently 80's aerobics are very big with the lamb crowd.

Weirdest rabbit I had ever seen.

This little lamb was tied up outside by itself. It was crying like crazy. A toddler tantrum has nothing on a crying lamb, that is one annoying sound. Will asked what was wrong with the lamb and someone said that maybe it was just lonely being outside by itself. Will got very concerned for the lamb and thought maybe we should go over and stay by it so it felt better. He wouldn't leave until some more lambs were brought out and we assured him that the lamb now had friends to keep him company.

Will has shown a recent interest in legos so you can imagine his delight when wandering the 4-H/crafts area and we came upon a little lego town. Will just wanted to keep walking around and around staring very quietly at it asking for it all for his birthday. Crying was involved in our departure from lego town.

Quick lesson on bigger and smaller

And of course giving in for a few carnival rides. And this is why you give in to paying those ridiculous prices, for the look.

Gittin my hick on Part I

A few weeks ago Will and I tagged along to a rodeo with my sister, niece and my sister's friend from high school. I pretty sure the last time I went to a rodeo was when I was about 12 and we were staying part of the summer in Washington. Sounded better than sitting at home though, and I'm glad we went.

The best part probably ended up being that the seating was just on grassy berms, which meant plenty of opportunity for the kiddos to run around. (and roll around)

Will was most excited to see the bulls, which of course are the last event. Which meant several hours of "Is it over yet?" because then it would be time for the bulls. The first event was the bare back riding. After the first horse bucked the rider off in about 3 seconds, the pickup men came out to wrangle in the horse. Will got really upset and asked why they were putting a rope around his neck and that was not a nice thing to do. I explained that they weren't hurting the horse and they were just trying to get him back in the corral. I didn't bother mentioning that the strap tied around the horse's hips was probably worse then the rope around his neck. Wait till he sees the calf roping...

My photo skills involving moving animals in a lighted arena were severely lacking, so here's another one of the kids enjoying pre-rodeo time.

*Will later told me his favorite part was the water tanker that sprayed down the arena and asked if we could go to another rodeo so we could see a water tanker.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Conversations with Will

~While driving around Salt Lake trying to find a park to stop and have dinner at to wait out traffic

Me: I'm sorry Will I can't seem to find the park, we may have to stop at that church and eat
Will: I know where a park is
Me: You do? Where
Will: You go to North Street, then to Ogden Street, then Salt Lake Street and then Springville Street. And there is a park there
Me: Hmmmm, I'm gonna keep looking around here a little longer ok

~Driving home asking about how his week up in Roy was

Me: Did you go to Aunt Kristen's house?
Will: her own Ethan and Annie?
Me: uhhh...yeah I guess she owns Ethan and Annie
Will: Oh YEAH! I've been there

~Will comes up to me in the living room

Will: Grandma took me to see marockbamamma
Me: What?
Will: marockbamamma? I can't remember how to say it
Me: Barack Obama?
Will: Yeah
Me: Grandma took you to see Barack Obama?
Will: Yeah
Me: Where does he live?
Will: In a really tall tower
Me: What did you do there?
Will: He has a kid and toys and I played with the kid and toys
Me: Hmmmm, I guess I need to start hanging out with grandma more