Monday, June 28, 2010

And here we have Idaho

When I was a little kid my grandpa Huntsman took us a few times on trips that required passing the Idaho state border. Such times called for this...ok so grandpa didn't throw in the "yeah!" but you get the point. While in Idaho this weekend we got news that my grandma Huntsman passed away. There are some mixed feelings about that situation so I'm not gonna write more now. But we'll miss you grandma!

So back to this weekend. Back in May apparently my cousin Sara got married. I along with many others, heard about said wedding when we received her reception announcement in the mail. It was a very small ceremony on the side of a mountain. Very fitting for Sara. So the parents, Maiken and the kids and I trekked it up for a short visit yesterday.

The kids were most excited about the hotel. Apparently large beds, and beds where you can see the tv are all it really takes to make a kid happy.

I on the other hand was most impressed with the kitchen. If your hotel room has a nicer kitchen than you do is it, A) a sign that you are staying in a very nice hotel, or B) a sign that you have a crappy kitchen.

And lets not forget the microwave popcorn waiting, with its own popcorn bowl

Ok on to Dan and Gail's house, which sadly I had never been too before. And since I'm pretty sure one of my other sister's has never either, a few pics.

Free-range chickens. They have quite the spread. And love popcorn. Not from our hotel, just a coincidence.

Part of the garden and view

Deck that I would love. If I had a view. And a house.

Now off to the town to find the right golf course where the reception was. And don't be fooled! There are 2 golf courses, on the same road. To add to the joy of driving in Pocatello, there are many one-way streets. Guess the grid system didn't make it up past the Utah border. And there are also streets that just don't exist according to google maps. Damn google maps. Slight detour along the way, but hey a cool playground!

Yeah I know I couldn't get a good shot, but remember when all playgrounds seemed to have large tractor tires? Maybe just here? And tire swings. And old wood play structures that gave you horrible splinters but just seemed more fun? Or maybe its just cause I was a kid back then.

Back on the road. A little pie hole anyone?

Made it to the golf course. I don't think I'm part of the country club crowd. I did love the mix in the bathroom of the metal lockers and the leather benches. Shabby Chic?

A friend of Sara's made the cake and decorated all of these cupcakes with butterfly chocolates. They were pretty cool.

The happy couple. Definitely NOT your typical wedding. Yes those are the outfits they were married in. Again very Sara and I love that it was her.

Sadly I did not get a good picture of Will showing off his break dancing moves on the dance floor.

Lucia found a very willing dance partner in Gail

Today we got up and took advantage of the hotel pool. Except that Lucia forgot the bottoms to her swim suit, and I only grabbed Will's floaty raft and NOT the floaty ring. Oh well. They some how survived. And I was actually able to swim a few laps which I love. But I have fears about swimming laps at the city pool even though I could get in for free. But not the point.

Gail's family were all going over to Fort Hall on the way home, so we tagged along.

Will wanted to run around and play solider. I'm not good at playing solider.

Why hello mr. bear

And someone, who shall remain nameless feed the elk some leaves. No it wasn't Will.

It was a very pretty elk though. And I really wanted to pets its fuzzy antlers. But I respect the separation we must have from animals. Yes I'm looking at you. You know who.

On the drive back I noticed my oil change sticker and that I am very close to having driven 3,000 miles in one month. That's just a tad too much. Its been a fun month, but I need a break. And I'm extra glad that I took that automotive class and found out that you do NOT need to change your oil every 3,000 miles. Its a scam people!

And so long from the road.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

We had our weekly pilgrimage to the pool today. Will's first visit to the pool was when he was 9 months old. (not counting the in-utero visit) I put him down at the edge of the pool and just waited to see what he would do. He crawled right in, never pausing until he was head first in the water. I had to run after him because I wasn't expecting that reaction. Sadly I don't have any pictures from the pool that year, but this was from that summer. Ah, what a cutie.

His fearlessness in the pool disappeared after that. Cousin Lucia took over and became the dare devil putting her head under water, jumping off the side, attempting flips under water, but Will was content to keep his head above. Until today. Lucia was showing me her "new" tricks. Which I'm pretty sure I saw last week and I'm pretty sure were all mostly the same trick, but still cute. I just randomly made a comment to Will that maybe someday he would put his head under water like Lucia. For some reason that was all it took today. Cousin rivalry.

(from last year)

Will just went over, and put his face in the water. Aunt M said he should plug his nose and try it and then he was hooked. Over and over and over again. Then he tried Lucia's goggles and the rest of the time at the pool was spent finding ways to have water splashed in his face and dunking his head, and grinning that it didn't get in his eyes. It was like he invented something he was so proud.

Will inherited my lack of adventure so even though there are kids much younger than him at the pool dunking under water, and it may not seem like a big deal, this mama is extremely proud today! Way to go bug.

Video - cause I couldn't get it to upload on here. And didn't realize I cut it off so quickly, but still, you get the idea.

Laughs and Tears

Tonight we were invited up to Salt Lake to go to a free movie in the park with my cousins. Pre-movie at their apt, Lucia was very entertained with the snails outside.

And don't even think about just taking a bench from the complex. They're one step ahead of you.

So off to the movie. Three Amgois. Which I've actually never seen anything more than just clips of. It was a lot of fun and good company. I mean how could you not have fun with this bunch.

And for Katy. We didn't get a face shot but this girl was rockin her clown size venetian blind glasses. I swear Max Headroom used to wear glasses like that. Not the clown size ones, but he venetian blind ones. But Google did not agree with me. Does anyone else remember that? Maybe a made up memory. I have those.

After the movie we were walking back to our cars and I was telling my cousin Emily how much I love that area of town. All of the houses are gorgeous. The picture I took of my favorite didn't turn out, but here's an example.

Not a great pic, but all nice homes, beautiful yards, and I was mentioning how much I love Salt Lake. And times like that really make me want to move up there. I just love the feel in that part of town. Then we got to our cars and found these on our windows.

I take back that part about loving Salt Lake. Thanks for reminding me of one of the evils of big cities, parking. Now I will fully admit that I did see the no parking after 10 p.m. signs. (movie started at 9) But every street around the park had those signs. And everyone else was parking there. So we figured they aren't gonna ticket 100 cars at an event sponsored by the city when there isn't even a parking lot at the park are they? Guess so.

Now I will pay my $30, but accompanying that check will be a letter stating that maybe they can use the estimated $3,000 they just made in parking fines to build a parking lot at the park. Or at least make sure on the advertising to mention parking issues and maybe give suggestions where you can park. Because apparently you can't park at the park!! I have already sent an email also to the event organizers suggesting the same.

Ok, time for home. Welcomed back into Utah County with dead stop construction traffic. Awesome. Exactly what I needed to end the night. UDOT, I greatly appreciate your electronic signs warning of upcoming traffic issues. Maybe, maybe instead of saying "Congestion ahead", you could try "3 of the 4 traffic lanes are closed. Get the hell off the freeway." Just a suggestion.

I need a massage. And I'm really not looking forward to driving back up to Salt Lake in the morning.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Foto Friday

Tree fingers. Along my favorite after-work hike.

Sorry mom, you're taking too long to post yours, the yummy, homemade, straight from the garden, strawberry rhubarb pie. I just want to lick that bowl of fresh whip cream clean. (bowl also made my mom, pretty talented lady)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lucky Streak

So last week it seemed like maybe I was having a lucky streak. Lottery tickets were graciously purchased in my honor. Turns out my luck does not travel to NY. Sorry Marty! But I got my PA scratch offs in the mail, and guess what?! Wait for it....wait for it...I WON!

$2. I want my two dollars!

Better than nothing right? Tangent that will return...the building I live in has swamp coolers in the upper units (although I heard from a friend that used to live in them that they aren't good) and the bottom units have a little window ac unit. That does absolutely nothing to cool the air. It does make a lot of noise if you want to create ambiance with really annoying motor sounds. I choose not to.

So last week...noticed that the building across from mine had ac units installed in the back of the lower units. Like REAL ac. Not fake window fan ac. So hopes started building...then on Saturday the apt. next to mine had one installed. Now hope is really building except for the odd fact that I haven't heard anything from my landlord. Isn't this something I would hear about? Is everyone getting ac except for me? Could it be?

Last night I went for a hike up the canyon, out of cell range. When I came back into range I had a message. From my landlord. Yay! Telling me that they would need to get into my apt this week. Yay! So that they could run a line through my furnace room to the upper unit where they are installing ac. What the!?! Of course now when I go back and look I can see the lines all running up the walls on the previously installed. But man what a tease.

Enjoy your ac upper neighbors. Someday you may be mine. But for now I am officially declaring my lucky streak, or moment, or flash, over.

NOT my ac waiting to be installed. Just a tease. At least we have had a unusually cool summer so far. Please don't let the weather change just because I said that.

ETA: I JUST got this email: "Is it too HOT outside? Sears has all your AC needs"

Sunday, June 20, 2010


For Father's Day lunch my mom made a strawberry rhubarb pie with strawberries and rhubarb from her garden. It was yummy. I am waiting to post a pic because mom said she would post one on her blog, and since she has only made two posts, I figured I would give her the chance. But I will post one after she does :) My mouth is watering just looking at the pictures. That you can't see.

I've long since known that a store bought tomato is so different from a home grown tomato that they should almost be called something different. Yet this is the first year that my mom has had a good strawberry crop come in. Man. Talk about tempting your taste buds.

I wish I had half my mom's talent when it comes to cooking. And gardening. But mostly cooking since I don't have a place for a garden. And I kill all plants. Except for the one B&Tom gave me when they moved. 2 years and its still alive! Anywho, I figure if I want to be better at cooking, I need to actually do it. Novel concept I know. And its actually not that I'm bad at cooking, I'm not, I just don't do it. Its not as much fun to cook for yourself. So that might be a goal of mine. Except I don't follow through on "goals" so its just a thing I'm randomly mentioning and might mention on here again in the future. Maybe.

Since I'm not gonna post a pic yet of the wondrous pie, I will post a pic of the secondary dessert. Not because 2 were needed, but I had been saving this since my vacation and couldn't wait. Behold heaven

(sorry marty) Did you know some people hate Trader Joe's? Like hate it? I know. Blasphemous.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Foto Friday

This will be my view most weekends throughout the summer. Hopefully with only the one sunburn. If you took out all of those people it would be a much better place to be.

Monday, June 14, 2010


Went to the library on lunch to try and find the other Edward Abbey book that my sister recommended. It was out. I accidentally requested it under someone elses name because they didn't log out of the computer. Wonder what they are going to think when they get the message that their book is in.

Decided to check out another one of his books and left the library. Was parked next to a large truck in the very awkward parking lot. Backed out ever so slowly because I knew the truck was obscuring my view. Got out to the point where I could see that someone was coming down the lane but they had stopped and were waiting. Good. Time to look the other way and make sure someone wasn't coming in from that side. Good. Continue to back out. Crunch. Shit.

Crank my neck around. Where the hell did that car come from?!? Pull back into my spot. Shit. Adrenalin racing. Please don't be some mean person that is going to yell at me. Please. I will cry. I swear I did not see you. Get out. See that the other car was across from me, I'm guessing checked the same spots I did. Saw the same car stopped. We just didn't happen to see each other.

Check my bumper. Looks ok. Just a few scratches but hell I don't care about that. Please let her car be ok. Very small scratch.

I seem to be ok, are you ok?
I think I'm ok.
So were good.
I think were good.
I'm very sorry I totally didn't see you.
I didn't either. Sorry.
Ok bye.

And sometimes it turns out better than you think.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Just got back from a weekend in Orderville. Orderville interesting place. I was wrong on my Foto Friday post. According to the last census there were 596 people. Huge difference. The population is 97% caucasian, but this is Utah. There is actually an interesting history there about the city being formed by Brigham Young as part of the United Order a voluntary commune for the LDS church. Which seems fitting that Keeley, Will and Alex have moved there, because except for that studio in SL Keeley and Will have always lived in a commune of sorts.

We went down to help them put in a garden in their new place. Future garden spot, post weeding. The dogs were all very helpful watchers.

Two raised beds finished

Mom stayed to try and help get in a third smaller one. I wish I'd taken a picture of all the plants my mom brought down to put in them. They will definitely need all three. We would have actually gotten some planting done but had a small issue getting soil and our endeavors kept being interrupted by the weather.

Lesson for the day. If you are helping lets say build wooden beds. And lets say two of the boards aren't exactly lining up together and you think, I'll just smack it with the palm of my hand as hard as possible to get them in the right spot. It will be ineffective. However, if you are trying to create a large blood blister on your hand, very effective.

We did get two beds of flowers in after clearing out some grass. Can't wait to see pictures of the garden all planted. So take some you guys!

The rainy weather did leave lots of time for napping.

And lots of time for reading. Keeley recommended I read the Edward Abbey book Black Sun. Wow. I LOVED it. Great recommendation for me. I need to get back into reading. I'm gonna check out some more of his this week.

The first night there we went to local hot spot Buffalo Bistro for dinner. This welcomes you in.

This is the kind of place that has a cult following and always gets a visit from us. My sister Keeley is now working in the kitchen there part-time on the weekends. I'm not sure the last time I saw someone come home from work grinning and say, man I sure do love that job. I need one of those jobs.

This is the hanging plant at Buffalo Bistro that I hit my head on four times. I always was a fast learner. Future diners, you've been warned.

Dinner the next night was a much more extravagant make-shift bbq.

And the only time marshmallows are acceptable to be eaten

View across the street at the high school. Each year the graduating class climbs up and paints their class number on the mountain. There are many other non-painted mountains surrounding their view.

This morning time for goodbye doggy piles. Will was not going to be distracted.

Goodbye kisses

And we were off. Stopped to say goodbye to the local sheriff.

She seemed to be sleeping on the job. Very pretty though.

A little small town humor

Soon after Will got sick and ended up throwing up five times on the way back. Thanks to a kid that is good at warning and holding it till we could get a cup back to him, and thanks to a very helpful sister Maiken, the mess was limited. It was hard exchanging him over to his dad when I just wanted to take the little guy home and cuddle him all better.

Except for that last part, a good weekend. Thanks everyone. I stopped at a gas station after dropping off Will and had this gem of a conversation to round out the day.

him: I didn't know people still wore peace sign shirts. Not that there is anything wrong with it. You just don't see it anymore.
me: Well I'm sort of an anomaly around here.

So from me and my shirt. Peace out.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Foto Friday

I'm spending the weekend in southern utah with the kanabies. Who have become the ordervilleites. Population 592. No cell service here, but luckily they did get internet service. Here is just a glimpse of the weekend to come.

There is another dog on its way. Plus 4 kitties wandering around. Shoud be a fun weekend. We are off to Buffalo Bistro for dinner. Have a fun weekend everyone.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Foto Friday

Today we went up for the weekly visit to Big Springs, the 5th grade camp my dad works at during June. Man I love that place. Wish I had a little cabin just off the big meadow.

Of course Will found a gun

Campfire. So proud of you dad :)