Friday, May 28, 2010

Foto Friday

Just a little taste of Pennsylvania...

Sunday, May 23, 2010


What multiple posts in one week? Two in one day? What has become of my blog? Guess I'm just preparing for the PA festivities next week. 3 days to vacation!!!

So last night we decided to take the kids to Pirate Island. A themed restaurant in the area. Its kinda like Chuck E Cheese but not as creepy. Ok so if dead guys all over the restaurant is not as creepy, gives you a taste of my love for the Chuck.

It wasn't really that cool, I mean it doesn't hold up to Pirates of the Caribbean, but I have a new goal in life. The staff has to dress up as pirates and I have decided that would just be awesome! I don't really want to make half my current pay as a waitress, but I wonder if my boss would let me dress up as a pirate every day? I mean Halloween is only one day a year and that's just not enough!

Also got photographic proof that Will has inherited my lack of ability to look through a scope without eye assistance.

And Maiken decided to entertain us with some great pirate jokes.
~ Where do you find Buccaneers?
~ Under my buccan hat

Fun for Cancer

Ok not really for cancer, but as a fundraiser. My co-worker Jennifer was involved with a cancer fundraiser in Payson yesterday so we decided to take the kids over. Hawaiian shaved ice is awesome when its 50 outside. Quick trip home for some additional clothes and back to the party.

I wanted to take the kids because of an animal show that Jennifer's sister was doing. Will was most excited about the fox but I didn't get a picture. The only animal he didn't reach out timidly for was the bunnies.

Then out to ride Segways. Might be the perfect mode of alternative transportation for both Maiken and I because neither of us fell off. Here is proof of Maiken remaining upright. I hate to admit it, but they were pretty fun. I think I went up a notch in Will's book because now I'm just that much closer to Mall Cop.

Cold morning but we had fun and donated some money. Seemed fitting with the funeral of a friend Cindy, who passed away from cancer, the day before. This week my heart goes out to Cindy's family, to Jennifer's family who lost her brother 2 yrs ago, and for Porter, cause our animal friends count too. And to those in my life that are still fighters, Aunt Chris, Aunt Karen and Sharon, keeping kicking cancers ass!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Foto Friday

I haven't gone to bed so it still counts as Friday. Not a great quality pic but all I got. You'd think having two family parties this week maybe I would have broken out the camera a bit more. You'd have thought wrong. But maybe I'm just saving up my camera energy for vacation next week! Yay vacation!

Will decided he wanted to give the dogs a treat. They were just a bit interested. After some help from Aunt NeeNee there was actually some obedience involved. A bit.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Foto Friday

Yesterday I read court documents released in the murder of the little boy Ethan Stacy. I was only able to get through about half of it and wish I hadn't read that much. All day I felt haunted by what I read. I think the fact that I have a little blond haired boy two weeks older made looking at that little guys picture even more heartbreaking.

Some weeks I'm able to deal with our separation, yesterday was not one of those days. I can't tell you how much comfort this gave me today

My heart goes out to Joe Stacy who will never again get the chance to cuddle his son. And I will hold mine just a little tighter today.

Monday, May 10, 2010

For Porter

I hope I'm not stepping over any boundaries by posting this, but I just wanted a chance to say goodbye in some small way. My sister's beautiful portuguese water dog Porter passed on today after a short battle with cancer.

Porter was a big, bumbling ball of fur and one of the sweetest dogs I've ever known. He wanted to believe he was a lap dog and would sit in your lap soaking up belly rubs if you let him. He's been by Ella's side since she came home from the hospital and I just can't picture her without her side kick PoPo.

On top of all his cuddles and patience with kids, he's a champion show dog. And even with that status he still let Britta dress him up every Halloween and adorn him with crowns and hats. Porter I'll miss your tilted head begging for attention and your soft curly hair. I'm sorry I didn't give into your requests more often and hope that puppy heaven is full of belly rubs. You will be so missed by your family and I'm sending them all the love I can during this time. Four years was such a short time for you to be part of the family, but you were. Go peacefully Porter and run.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Foto Friday

Spring has finally decided to stick around for a bit. I've been going on walks after work and love this time of year. On my walks I have also been reminded of why I love Springville. I really enjoy being able to walk just a few blocks and be in fields. It's not exactly ideal that I have to walk past the sewer plant to get to said fields, but you know, its still fields.

I also found out that there is a really nice paved trail along a section of the river close to my house that I never knew about. Bad part, it dead ends at the railroad tracks with a No Trespassing sign. I could cut across the tracks and be 2 blocks from my house, or turn around and make about a 15 block detour. Lets just say my rule following may be a lax on this issue.