Friday, October 28, 2011

Foto Friday

If you know me well, you know how much I love dressing up for Halloween. And making costumes. Well, the finished costumes I like, I can't say sewing doesn't come without lots of frustration and swearing. This year I was really excited when Will said he wanted to be a Royal Guard for Halloween. I was a bit surprised, but also happy that some of my love for England seemed to be rubbing off on him. Someone asked him why he picked a Royal Guard and he said that it was because he loved Britland. Guess we need to work on a few of the details.

I'm really happy with how the costume turned out. I will say next to the mouse I made when he was first born, it's my favorite costume I've made him. He got a lot of compliments at the carnival we went to and that helps make it worth the work. But the real satisfaction was when Will first put it on and seeing him pose in the mirror and then telling me he thought it was awesome.

He doesn't look happy in these, but it's just him being in character. He took that part very seriously.

My dad did get him to crack for just a second

Lucia made a great vampire

This picture sums up so much about these two

Happy Halloween everyone!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Foto Friday

So many pictures were taken this week! I apologize to those who are friends on FB and already seen most of these. On Sunday Will and I took a drive up to Aspen Grove. And apparently half of Utah County also had the same idea. The road up there is incredibly small and winding which means when there are 100's of cars on the road, it's a bit scary and not exactly the peaceful drive I was hoping for. But I did manage to get a few pictures of my favorite trees, the aspens.

For those not familiar with Utah's bi-polar weather, it was 90 less than 2 weeks before this. And now 6 days later it was mid 70's. You learn that just because you had to take out your sweaters, doesn't mean you should put away your shorts.

On Tuesday Will had his first school field trip so I took the day off and Pat and I tagged along. First stop was a huge nursery to visit a pumpkin patch.

There were about 65 kids, plus around 15 adults. They were loading people up onto a hay ride, which I thought was just going to go around the nursery. It was really full and multiple trips were going to be needed, so on the first group with Will I decided not to get on because I didn't want to take a seat from a kid. Another dad decided the same thing and stayed behind. After they had been gone a few minutes I started looking at the sign by the loading platform and noticed it said Hay Ride to the Pumpkin Patch. I pointed it out to the other dad and we decided we had probably unknowingly just missed the ride out to pick out pumpkins. We debated trying to walk and find them but decided since there were still more kids we would catch the next trip out. And as we had figured out on the way, our kids were done picking out their pumpkins by the time we got there and ready to head back. So here they are pumpkins picked out.

Next stop a park for lunch and then on to a grocery store for a tour. I'm not really sure the manager was expecting the size crowd we had and after awhile it pretty much just turned to a chaotic group running through the store. At which time Will got tripped and smacked face first into the ground and got a bloody nose. I figured with that many kids at some point during the day some kid was going to be crying, just didn't figure it would be mine. It was a fun day though and I'm glad I got to go.

Wednesday night I went to watch two of my co-workers play in their flag football division championships, which they won. I was glad I got to see them play and it was hilarious how excited these men got. Just takes a sports win to take them back to the excitement of 8 year olds.

Today I went for a hike up to Stewart Falls. Last fall when my dad Monte was visiting, we all went up but had the advantage of a special shortcut. I haven't been on the full hike since I was about 6. And the only memory I have of that was that on the way back my sister Maiken was racing our cousin and she tripped and ended up with some nasty road rash on her face. Today ended up being the perfect weather day to go and because it's not the weekend, it wasn't too crowded either.

The trail starts out through the aspen groves

The colors are absolutely perfect right now

The backside of Sundance

First view of the falls

I was really glad I bothered to take my tripod up so I could get some soft water pics.

I would really like someone to buy me one of these houses right in the middle. My new dream in life is to be able to stand on my porch and look at a waterfall. Because I can't think of anything better.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Foto Friday

On Saturday I got up at a too early hour to go on a photo shoot with my teacher Wade and a friend of his. We went up to Midway which is extra beautiful this time of the year and worked on shooting in morning light. I have to say when I came home and looked at my pictures I was pretty disappointed. I've had that feeling a lot lately when I look at my pictures. Just always hoping they will be just a little bit different. A little more special. Yesterday a friend posted this quote from Ira Glass, host of This American Life on NPR. It perfectly said what I needed to read about how I'm feeling about photography right now. I've always had a problem with expecting too much from myself, I want to be immediately good at everything. It was a good reminder that I just need to keep practicing.

I don't think I ever ended up blogging about going to see Ira Glass speak earlier this year. It was amazing. I've been in love with him for many, many years and somehow loved him more after seeing him. I really wish I would have had a tape recorder that night.

Pigs in Midway

This is the kind of thing I still really struggle with and get frustrated about, the focus on this ended up on the fence instead of the pig. But I still like the shot.

The handsome teacher letting me practice portraits and light

On Sunday I heard two different flocks of geese loudly flying over our apartment. We see a lot of canadian geese this time of year on their way south. There is a little pond and stream system near my house that is a popular resting point so we decided to go see who was stopping by and feed the geese.

There were two humungo catfish (I think) that were fighting the geese for their share of the bread. I tried to get a pic where you could see just how big this guy was, but they were too fast and stirred up the mud a lot. He was about the same length as the geese though.

Wednesday was my last night of the photo class. We practiced a few kinds of different lighting which there is almost an infinite amount of stuff to learn about. We also had a model there who very graciously let us pose her and set up shots. It was actually really hard for me. Something I'm definitely not comfortable doing. It was fun to see how everyone else did their shots though and get some different ideas.

I've had a lot of fun and I'm really going to miss the class. Wish it had been a lot longer. Wade set up a Facebook group for all of his friends that are into photography and hopefully we will encourage each other to go on shoots and keep learning from each other. I'm actually hopeful that this group of people might be more of what I was looking for when I signed up for the photo group, which hasn't really panned out to be something I like yet.