Friday, September 7, 2012

Willie Boy

Seven years. On the downside to teenage-dom. This past year I feel like Will grew a lot in terms of shyness. I think school has probably been the biggest factor in that. Although as soon as I write that I'm reminded that there were two times this summer when he sat hesitant on the sidelines watching other kids play, too nervous to go ask if he could join them. So I stepped outside of my comfort zone and went and introduced him to the kids. And what do you know, everyone had a great time together. I guess he is a lot like me that way. He is hesitant to take that first step, but once the hurdle is cleared, he's pretty good at making new friends and being open to new situations. 

meeting new cousins in ID
 friends on the slip n slide
This summer I did something else I'm not a fan of and gave into Will's pleading for me to go on a water slide with him. Maybe it was a year of stepping outside of comfort zones for both of us. He is becoming a lot more independent and moving away from some of his "little kid" interests. Gone is Disney Jr and most cartoons, except Phineas and Ferb. Even Legos have become a side interest to Minecraft. This was the summer of Minecraft. If he wasn't playing the game, he was watching videos on youtube of other people playing the game. There is more resistance on hikes and tries to get him up the canyon with me. Although on my birthday his wish for me was more hikes with him, so maybe I still have some hope on that love of mine. 

I've loved seeing little bits of his personal style come out this year. For Halloween he made my year when he said he wanted to be a royal guard. He may never share my love of hiking, but he does share my love of England. 

When Easter rolled around I wasn't too surprised by his choice in an outfit. A sweater vest, bow tie and the beret he requested for Christmas. This kid has his own style. 

The funnest part of this year was probably watching him at the pool. That first summer visit always has a bit of hesitation wondering if he will have reverted some in the off season or if he'll just jump in where he left off. He definitively jumped in this season! Gone are the floaties, gone is the fear. Maybe a little too much gone for mom's liking. He is convinced he can swim. And he is doing really, really good. But I still need to be within arms reach of him even though he thinks he's too big for that. 

As he gets older it's harder for me to not be involved in his everyday life. But I'm trying to focus on all the exciting things we've been able to do this last year and the small parts of school I was able to be involved with. I never imagined the pride I would feel watching my son in his Kindergarten programs. Each time in the midst of kids needing their lines prompted to them and the quietly whispered lines, Will would go up to that microphone and clearly state his memorized part. We might have a public speaker in our future.

We had lots of fun trips this year that included Zions, Vegas, Idaho, Orderville and local canyons. Lots of new memories this year and time with family. My soft hearted, fun loving kid. Don't grow up too fast bud, mom still needs her cuddle bug.