Tuesday, April 28, 2009

P&R 2.0

Safety Dance

For this installment of Parks and Recreation I will explore the lengths our government goes to keep it's employees safe. Each month we are required to attend a safety meeting. Now our department went 1.6 million hours without a loss time accident, so obviously we listen well at these meetings. Supposedly that is like a really good record. The record came to an end because some seasonal park worker decided to weed wack his foot. He obviously did not pay attention at the meetings. Because we have seen many limbs severed/smashed/broken/blown up, you name it.

For several years the best part about the safety meetings was our safety coordinator. He was probably in his late 50's? Always wore a button down shirt that was unbuttoned one too many buttons. Which nicely showed off his gold chain. It almost became a game to see how long the meeting would go before he made a sexist remark. We became quite familiar with the reference to "all you office gals in your high heals". Now first off, half the people in our office are guys. And the gals that we do have rarely wear heals. More flip flops/tennis shoes than heals.

The week that we were talking about chemicals he made sure that "you women when you are at home cleaning" knew to be careful there with chemicals too. He did make sure to then say "or you guys, I don't know the arrangement in your house". Well I'm pretty sure I know what it is in yours. Any time chemicals were discussed he did try to tie it to our office environment by making sure we knew that we were also surrounded by danger. And every time he would only come up with the same two examples, toner and white out. A: we don't use white out, we use those correction tape things. B: I will try to refrain from sniffy or licking the toner when I refill the copier. Ok, crisis averted.

The next best thing about safety meetings was the videos. We watch a video almost every week and let me tell you, I think they stopped making safety videos in the 70's. Or at least the city hasn't purchased any since then. Except the one where they were talking about stretching out at work and they cut from the warehouse floor to the break room where everyone was in spandex and leotards with headbands. That one was obviously made in the 80's.

Now the videos vary from one geared towards mailmen walking in the snow and falling all over the place, to a video of a guy that was in a pipe line explosion and described in great detail what it's like to be in a burn unit. I got a little light headed during that one. 98% of safety videos involve some sort of warehouse/industrial building type environment. Every month after the meetings we would make jokes about how glad we were to have learned how to properly lock out/tag out the heavy machinery that we work with on a daily basis.

I think we have joked about it for years, but my boss decided that this was the year. For our annual safety breakfast where they give us the fascinating stats about our safety record, we would create our own safety video. And we would make sure to emphasis the real hazards that surround us daily.

For your enjoyment, I am presenting the internet premier of the Parks and Recreation Department's own safety video. Now I realize that this will probably be most enjoyable to those of you that are Provo alum. And please forgive us, it is painfully clear that none of us are professionals. Painfully. And when you get to the Arts Center scene (about 3:26) don't feel bad if you fast forward about a minute. Sorry Arts. Enjoy. And for all our sakes, be safe.


Wade The Rascal said...

I watched the whole thing and laughed my anus off. The guy who keeps coming on and giving the safety messages is funny as hell. Well worth the time it took to watch. Hope you've recovered from that paper avalanche accident Kari.

Swede_Lady said...

I think it was more fun to see what accident was next. Scott was funny with that pointing after each shot.

Kari said...

Wade, the guy giving the messages is my boss, gives you a little insight into why I like my job.

Shelbot said...

it sill makes me laugh.

Tracie Bramhall said...

I haven't laughed that hard for awhile. You caused me to have some contractions. Funny, funny, funny!

Andrea said...

I could not be more pleased with this video.

Britta said...

Scott sounds like the Men's Warehouse guy - he just needed to add an, "I guarantee it!"

Kari - that was some sweet acting - I think your "accident" was my favorite.

Kristen said...

Loved it! Brought back some great memories. I liked the shed accident. I think I climbed on chairs, or even the shelves, one too many times. Luckily I didn't have the same outcome. Scott is the best. I am sad I missed him last month.