Friday, May 15, 2009

True Colors

Last week my little sister Britta and her clan came out to visit from Pennsylvania. The Kanabies came up to see them and I figured it might be awhile before we were all actually in the same place, so good time to try and take a family picture.

My family isn't really known for their picture taking abilities. There are a certain few people that seem to have a hard time "focusing". Or say, smiling. My friend Wade Haskell very willingly said he would take some photos for us. We were to be Wade's first family photo shoot, and I think we gave him a good glimpse of what that wonderful world holds. Pretty sure he is sticking to wildlife from now on.

I'm sure it's harder to get a good shot the more people are involved, and none of the group pictures came out perfect. But I do think they show off our family's personality, a little quirky.

I do think we got some really great smaller group shots. And I think Wade got some really good ones that show off people's personalities, which is just what I wanted. Not the perfect group picture to hang above the mantle we don't own, but little glimpses of the people I love so dearly and yet don't get to see on as often as I wish. And memories of all of them to look back at fondly.

And there are many more posted on my flickr page.


Swede_Lady said...

Yeah Wade! I think he has a good eye for candid photos and that's what best represents our family for sure.

Wade The Rascal said...

Hey Thanks. Again, I was happy just to have an opportunity to practice, and your whole family was awesome. Seriously, they were fun. And I do like the candid photos way more than the "Everyone look at me and say Cheese," type photos. I'm ready to do it again for any of you, whenever you want.

MJ said...

Wow! Those are GREAT!!! Wade did a fantastic job and I really actually love the big group one of you (the second one you posted) I would hang that over a non existed mantel any day. Cute fam.


Susie said...

Wow! Those are awesome!