Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Please, don't close your eyes while driving

While in Kanab last weekend, my little sister Alex was reviewing for the drivers ed test. The following are actual practice exam questions. Yes. These are questions we are asking people who are learning to get their drivers license. Just remember this the next time you think "Hell, where did you learn to drive?"

1. The best way to fight fatigue is to
a. use a stimulant
b. rest
c. look at the scenery
d. drink coffee

2. Traffic laws are enforced by
a. the CIA
b. state and local police
c. the department of motor vehicles
d. United States marshals

3. One way to reduce driving risk is to
a. anticipate the actions of others
b. always use high-beam headlights
c. join a support group
d. close the windows

4. Through driver education, students learn
a. how to maneuver and control a vehicle
b. the traffic laws of all 50 states
c. how to drive without paying attention
d. how to join a support group

(is drivers ed endorsed by some sort of support group?)

5. If you are temporarily blinded by headlight glare, you should
a. look down
b. see a doctor
c. reduce your speed
d. close your eyes

6. Some people with physical disabilities are able to drive by using
a. prosthetic devices
b. a breathalyzer
c. peripheral vision
d. narcotics


Kris said...

Okay, I have no idea why exactly this struck me as so hilarious, but I just about spit soda all over my computer screen when I read it. I think I need to go join a support group.

Kari said...

Well I'm glad you did because as I was writing it I was thinking, maybe you had to be there. Cause I was almost crying from laughing so hard as they were reading these questions.

Wade The Rascal said...

I think quite a few people use narcotics to increase their driving skills.

Britta said...

The sad thing is people still fail this test. And then have to join a support group.