Friday, March 12, 2010

Foto Friday

I didn't get a chance to take long lunches this week so didn't get to go out and take photos. So these are just kinda random.

Taken at the Orem mall. Gotta love these chances.

And I'm just excited about this new dresser I got that used to be my great-aunts. Maiken helped me re-arrange my room and I'm excited for the change. Now I just need to go through those boxes of things I've had in storage forever and pull out some of the stuff I never had room to display.


Swede_Lady said...

I love that they put in a fake dinosaur skeleton partially submerged and expect children to not climb on it. I could have been the sign police and kicked everyone off, but I was having more fun being the slide police.

I love that dresser in your room! I'm glad we rearranged your room to get you thinking new.

Britta said...

Aw. That's awesome! I have an old, beat-up dressing table from Bis. Tom kinda vetoed it being in Sophie's room but I think I'm going to veto his veto - I'll probably paint it though because it's in bad shape.

Yeah - wth? Gotta a least put ropes up if you don't want kids on stuff.

Wade The Rascal said...

I really like the photo of the kids on the dinosaur and the sign. And, for some reason, the sunglasses they're wearing sort of give away their rebellious nature; like the guy who wore his sunglasses at night, they're that cool.
Also, it totally warms my heart, even though I'm a total hack, to see one of my photos on your new dresser. This just made my day.

Andrea said...

I love the dresser!

Britta said...

Wade, I've gotten more compliments on the photos you took than any others in my collection. My father-in-law said everyone who comes to their house comments on it.

Wade The Rascal said...

Wow, what a nice compliment. Thanks Britta! I'll be happy to do it again--with my much sweeter skills and lenses--the next time you're out.

Kari said...

Wade I get compliments all the time too. In fact I have that pic displayed in my bedroom and living room.