Sunday, April 25, 2010

Foto Friday + 2 days

What, its not Friday? My bad. As I was driving Will home today I saw that two residents had returned to the industrial park waterways. I have many happy memories of my great aunt taking us to feed the ducks here when I was little. And I love the random spotting of visitors.


Swede_Lady said...

I'm proud of you for not skipping!

I have good memories of feeding ducks with Bis, too. Lucia and I went out to Salem Pond today and I wish I would have taken my camera. See, you're inspiring me to always have my camera. :)

Andrea said...

Great photo, Kari!

Wade The Rascal said...

Is this by chance near "Flo-Serve" in Springville? I've been wanting to go set up over there with my tripod. A friend of mine says from time to time the osprey in the area will swoop down trying to catch ducks. It's the uglier, not so warm-fuzzy part of nature. But the shots would be AMAZING if I could get them. I look forward to "Foto Friday" every week so keep 'em coming.

Kari said...

Yep it is Flo-Serve. I've never seen Osprey there but I have seen beautiful Egrets. Its kinda funny that one of the best places in Springville to see birds is the industrial park.