Friday, September 3, 2010

Orderville in Pictures

Last weekend we went down to Orderville for my sister Keeley's birthday.

The dogs waiting for treats brought home from Buffalo Bistro. With 4 dogs and 5 cats in the house, there were many fun times.

The dogs all have to see what is going on.

Will got lots of time with two of his favorite people, Jackie and Kelly. And yes Jackie counts as a person. I mean come on, look at that dog.

That weekend was some cowboy, hick, old time country film, sort of something festival in Kanab. We didn't really go to any of it but did get some food and found a great find! Tin Can Tamales! Sounds odd, but next to my mom's I think it was the best tamale I've ever had. So good!

Had this wonderful avocado tomatillo salsa on the side. Wondermuss.

Kane County has something about fake cops. I'm guessing more cars than police officers. But the hitler mustache was a little much in my opinion.

And when you live in a small town you have to find your fun. Maybe under the overpass?

They have art under there

The new kitty in the house looks very friendly and innocent. But he is a little shit that will be purring in your lap and then bite you. He wanted to check out the finds from the thrift store.

And remember the garden beds we helped build a few months ago?

They have been hard at work.

Making empanades for Kee's birthday meal


Will made a very good coffee cake birthday cake for our brunch meal

Time for goodbye's and lots of hugs.

Iggy came over and just leaned in to get in on this hug. It was the cutest thing ever. Right before this I had been telling Kee what a quite dog he was. She said he's a special soul and just takes awhile to warm up to you. As if he knew what we were talking about he came right over and nuzzled up to me. He is such a teddy bear.

Always a fun time with lots of great people.


Marty Wombacher said...

Looks like a great birthday party! Loved the photos and the food looks delicious! And tin canned tamales? I've got to look for them on the internet! Great post and photos!

Maiken said...

Oh Orderville, why you so crazy? There are so many good times because of the wonderful people I love so much down there. By the way, Kelly is now part of the family- if she didn't know already. ;)