Friday, October 8, 2010

Foto Friday - Sundance

First off, my dad Bob recently told me that you can use Photoshop online. For free. To like edit your pictures. Awesome. So much better than trying to fix red eye in Paint! Only wish I'd know sooner.

Ok so this last weekend my dad Monte and Jackie came to visit while the Schroeder's are in town. They rented this awesome cabin up the canyon at Sundance and we just all hung out for a long weekend and soaked in lots of family time and lots of nature time.

The weekend in pictures

The cabin. I was going to take more photos but didn't get around to it before our stuff exploded all over it.

Grampi time on the balcony

River next to the cabin

Pretzel time

Marshmallow time

Throwing pine cones into the river

Sucker time

Got an awesome secret shortcut to Stewart Falls. Helps when the cabin owner is a Stewart.

The falls

Touching the falls

Hot tub time

Lots of coloring time. Lots

Movie time

Cascade Springs

Helping point out the fish

Attempting group photos

Enjoying the interpretive signs more than the scenery

I love, love rock stairs. Just something about using nature to landscape nature. Makes me swoon.

Aspen make me swoon too. Unfortunately we weren't able to get any pics in the spots where they were just glowing yellow. Rain storms and tiny roads.

A great few days of family and nature. Thanks everyone for the great weekend!


Marty Wombacher said...

Amazing photos, Kari! Looks like a great weekend was had by all, thanks for sharing them. A great Foto Friday edition. And the Photoshop red-eye tool rules!

Wade The Rascal said...

I love all the photos. The ones of Stewart Falls are killer! I hiked to Stewart Falls a few weeks accident...trying to hike Timp. So, I got 4 miles of hiking in before even beginning the Timp trail.
You made those falls look much prettier than I thought they were that day.
Ah, Foto Friday, one of my guilty pleasures.

Kari said...

Ahhh Wade and Marty, you guys know how to make my day! Wade maybe it was because you weren't intending to go there so you didn't appreciate them? Or maybe its just my love for waterfalls, flowing out through the photos ;)

Wade The Rascal said...

Yeah, I actually didn't try to find the beauty in the falls that day. Once we got there and realized we had gone 2 miles in the wrong direction, we were a little bummed. So we just turned around and high-tailed it to the real Timp trailhead.
Seeing your pics actually makes me want to go back to the falls for some pictures of my own.

Britta said...

My favorite part may have been Will: "you never watch tv with me!" Grampi: "well, that's true..."

Good shots Kari - I think the one of all the kids walking (and Ella looking over the edge) should make it into the calendar.

Grampi said...

I actually was tickled when Ella turned to me (while coloring together) and said: “And who are you?”