Friday, November 26, 2010

Foto Friday

Few things. This is a typical day at our house. Will looking at star wars legos on his personal laptop while watching dinosaurs on tv. Could he be more of a nerd in training?

How about asking me to take pictures of him and the lego army guys while he poses like an army guy.

Will: I really want a puppy for Christmas
Me: I'm sorry but we can't have puppies at our apartment
Will: Then maybe we can get a new house for Christmas!
Me: Good luck with that

Tonight was the Provo City Christmas Parade which is ran by my department at work. I've never actually been to the parade because it is usually the first Saturday of December which also happens to be the concert for the choir I sing in. This year they decided to do a night parade with lights and it got moved to black friday. It was cold! My sister Maiken and the kids watched and got a few pics while I walked in the parade. Good times.

Before the parade they had a Santa 5K Run. Every participant receives a Santa outfit and they get milk and cookies along the route. Wish we would have gotten some pictures with a large crowd, but it was awesome to see a hundred people all dressed like Santa running down the street. (can click the pic to see bigger)

Our entry. Zippy (0ur mascot), reindeer, elves and one of the mowers decorated in lights.

It's officially the Christmas season!


Maiken said...

I added an extra blanket to my bed because I'm still cold! However, it was fun. :)

Marty Wombacher said...

Nice post and photos. The one of Will posing as an army man is hilarious! To the holiday season!

Britta said...

Hahaha! I love Will's logic that you should just get a new house for Christmas.

Andrea said...

Awesome. I love those elf hats!