Saturday, December 4, 2010

Foto Friday +1

So last night I was at my parents and I left my camera there, hence the lateness. The camera was left in the craziness of Ordervillites arrival. Today and tomorrow are the concerts of the choir my mom and I sing in. And my aunt, and other aunt, and cousin, and other cousin, and another cousin. (and if you think that's a lot, two sisters and two other cousins have sung in it) So they made the trek for the concert. The love sponge is in the house which means lots of this

And this

tons of this

and much craziness

Not much of this

Because the flash scared him and he ran off. Very sensitive soul.

And ending with some of this


Maiken said...

This morning I would have taken four kids over four dogs and two kids, but it's worth it to have them all in one house.

Marty Wombacher said...

Great shots, Kari! I love the one where he's pushing Will away! Ha ha ha!

Kari said...

The funny thing is, that's Jackie's way of asking for more. By shoving his feet into you. Maybe not the most effective method :)

Britta said...

I'll take that craziness any time.