Saturday, May 5, 2012

Go Forth and Conquer

My older sister Maiken's college graduation was this morning. She graduated from the Graphic Design program at Provo College. Maiken is the first child in our family to graduate from a post-secondary school and I'm very proud of her and the hard work she did to accomplish this. She has her first job in that field and I wish her a long, successful career in something she enjoys, and is good at. Love ya sis.

I wanted to get her a floral lei to wear at graduation but the places I saw advertising them weren't getting them in till the end of the month. Enter my mom ordering some orchids from work and me feeling adventurous, and a floral lei was made. Not bad for my first attempt.


Maiken said...

Thank you, Kari! The lei is impressive and I'm immensely touched by the action. Love you!

Marty Wombacher said...

Congratulations to Maiken! That was a beautiful floral lei you made and designed!

Britta said...

I am super proud of her too! And that lei is georgeous! Very sweet of you to do that for her.