Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Google Fun

So you are supposed to answer the questions by typing it into Google images and choosing an image from the first page, here I go:

1- First Name:

2 - Middle Name:

3- Last Name:

4- My Age:

5- Favorite Vacation Spot:

6 - A Past Love:

7 - College Major:

8 - If I was going to do it all over:

9- Where did I grow up?

10 - Where do I live now?

11- A past pet:

12 - A friend's nickname:

13- My first job:

14- Favorite food:

15- Favorite color:

16- What are you doing right now?

17- A bad habit of mine:


Megan said...

I'll probably be your most faithful commenter, simply because all I do these days is sit on the internet. Although nothing is blocked anymore so I can look up all the folklore websites I want :) Anyway, this is all I have to say about this post: hahahahahahaha!!!! The pictures were great!!!

Swede_Lady said...

Very clever. I think you need captions for those ones that aren't so easy to understand. :)

Shelbot said...

I'm glad you did this one. My first job was a duck walker and you are "the new york way."


Tracie Bramhall said...

I love this post. I pictures were awesome. My favorite picture was of your cousin's name.

Tracie Bramhall said...

I meant your friend's nickname.