Sunday, January 4, 2009

Tag Post - Unspectacular Quirks

Maiken tagged me. Even though I recently did a post about quirks, I have quite a few. So here are 5 more:

1 - I have this small white dot that appears everyday by my right eye. It wipes off and will not appear again until the next day. Usually I notice it about noonish, but that could just be because that is the first time I'm near a mirror after getting to work. I think it might be some sort of clogged pore, but I prefer to think of it as a mysterious marking linking me to some mystical fairy power.

2 - I have to know what I'm going to order from a drive thru before getting to the order box. That goes for everyone else in the car with me. If I'm not familiar with a place, I pray that there will be a line but that I can see the menu to give me a few minutes.

3 - I REALLY like to cut my split ends. I have a few quirks involving hair. It is probably the most relaxing, calming thing I can do. I like to keep a paper cup or something with scissors and just pull it out when I'm watching tv or something. Although lighting is crucial and natural sunlight is by far the best. I have a pair of scissors in my car and if I have a few minutes left on lunch I will sit in my car and cut my split ends.

4 - I can't ride a bike. I could as a child. In fact most summers around middle school age if I had a bike that worked, I rode it almost every day. The saying you never forget how to ride a bike is not true. Maybe it is just having a harder time with balance but my family can verify that the last attempt I made resulted in my going about six feet before falling over. I fell on a pile of tires which sounds like it would be a good landing spot except they had the wheels on them so it really hurt. I have never made a serious attempt since then. I know part of the problem is finding a bike that fits me, being short is not helpful. Plus I have this strong fear about not being able to sit on the seat and comfortably reach the ground. I think if I tried riding like a Huffy bike I would be fine. I also have a problem because I never learned how to properly stop on a bike, I just bailed. It was nice that at our house in Payson the lawn slopped down to the sidewalk so I could just lean over to the lawn, but anywhere else I just jumped off.

5 - I hate talking on the phone. I would much rather email or chat online. Too bad my job requires talking a lot on the phone. Of course now that I have four staff members instead of two, I talk a lot less. When I worked at the Sears Telecenter placing service orders, it was pretty much my worst nightmare. Talking to people on the phone, and the fact that like 90% of them were yelling at me. For the first two weeks at least once during the day I had to log off the phones because I was crying. I'm a lot tougher now though. Soccer moms do that to you.

I like doing the tags, but not tagging other people, so I tag anyone else who wants to share, that's just how I am. Although I think Scott Huff is kind of quirky so I think he should participate and I would be very curious to see Wade answer, but he doesn't usually do this type of thing on his blog :)


Swede_Lady said...

Yeah, that quirk about drive-thrus is intense. I get a little nervous going through one with you. ;) I don't like the phone much either.

Kristen said...

Ahhh, soccer moms. You know we'll probably be one of them sooner than later.

Britta said...

No kidding - I think your quirk with drive-ins has caused minor panic attacks for everyone in the car with you. I like to order quickly too, but seriously - it's okay to wait for a minute. It's also okay to walk IN the OUT door.

My quirks are totally normal. Totally.

Kari said...

Ummm, following rules is not a quirk Britta.

Swede_Lady said...

Obsessively following the rules is quirky!

Trying to Stay Calm! said...

I am new here! What a great blog! Hope you have a beautiful day! ♥ Hugs :) Shauna

Bonnie said...

Wow, that Shauna lady really gets around. She was new to my blog too. LOL

Anyway, my husband shares your drive through quirk. We must all know what we want before we pull up to the window. I like to make him sweat a little as I change my mind when we get up to the window! He, he