Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Floats Your Boat

I have a mixed cd I made a while back that I have been listening to a lot. The first song on it is Def Leppard's "Pour Some Sugar on Me". For me this is one of those songs that as soon as I hear those first beats my volume knob starts turning. And for me it almost can't get too loud. I let it slowly get louder and louder until its reached my ears capacity right when the drum beat comes in. I end up listening to this song a lot when Will isn't with me because I don't think he would approve. I can already see his embarrassment when he becomes a teenager.

I like the song much better now then I did 20 years ago when it came out and for some reason its just one of those, doesn't matter what mood you are in, I will always smile when I hear it and just want to crank the volume.

Seems like a tangent, but stick with me. Recently I was at one of my local restaurant addictions, Cafe Rio. They put the guacamole that usually goes on top in a little cup on the side. Not a big deal except after I had eaten it I saw those little bits sticking to the side, and had I not been in public would have cleaned that out with my finger, or ok lets face it, my tongue. This may be just a sign of a food addiction, or just an example of the awesomeness that is guacamole.

So what I'm wondering is, do you have a song that you just love to crank up the volume to and sing at the top of your lungs? And do you have a food you would lick the plate just to get the last taste, or is that my own issue :)

And just in case you need a little 80's in your day, enjoy.


Susie said...

I have multiple songs that effect me that way. Lady in Red, In Your Wildest Dreams by the Moody Blues, Metro by Berlin, and other really lame 80's songs. Only difference is I don't care if Corey, Adelynn, and Zarek are in the car with me. I turn it up and sing, anyway. I figure I'm going to inevitably embarrass my children when I get older, might as well go all the way.

And foods...sheesh. I lick the plate at home ALL THE TIME. Most recently, I licked the plate after spicy chicken salad, but I'm known to do it with jambalaya and spaghetti as well. I tend to use my finger when my family is around, but if they're not, it's my tongue all the way, baby.

Wade The Rascal said...

Def Leppard. Awesomeness. I sing to a lot of songs. And I don't care who hears. I suck at singing, too. Guess that's a good reason to turn the volume way up.

Kari said...

Well I'm glad I'm not alone. I should clarify that I sing, dance, generally make a fool of myself in front of Will regularly. I just avoid cranking music because he doesn't like loud things. The boy is sensitive ;)

Britta said...

Bon Jovi, The Cure's Close To Me, Jane's Addiction - Jane Says. Everything by Justin Timberlake, Feel Good Inc. We do a lot of dancing in our car.

I loved when you guys were out here and Ella kept asking for the music to be turned up, and Will kept asking for it to be turned down.

I'm not much of a plate licker - except after brownies. Tom and Ella are. And Porter.

Maren said...

'Take on Me' by A-ha.

Hmmm..I'm with you on the guacamole.