Thursday, November 12, 2009

Lagging Brain

So that post I did with the photo catch ups from my phone, well I had a memory finally hit my brain that the whole reason I was downloading the pictures was because of one specific picture, which I did not post. Side note: I have lost the ability to have continuous thoughts for more than about 2 minutes in a row since I had a kid.

Back to the picture, I took this in a Sam's Club family bathroom and immediately had bathroom envy. And can I just add that as a now single mom with a son, I think family bathrooms are the best.

At the time Will was going through a phase of being scared of the big potty. Problem with the little training potties is while convenient for training and ease of the kid going by themselves, I don't consider cleaning them out much of a step above diapers. Enter perfect solution. A kid sized real potty. If I had a house and the money this is totally a splurge I would have put in. Along with a kid height sink. It would be like our own little Kindergarten bathroom. Will loved it so much he went three times because he just wanted to keep using it.

And just because I took this today, enjoy:


Tracie Bramhall said...

I really miss Utah bathrooms. Around here restaurants/stores do not put money into be family or kid friendly. I am constantly have to change the babies on the floor or my lap.

Cool toilet!

Britta said...

I also love family bathrooms - I always feel guilty taking up the handicap stall, but you can not fit two kids and yourself into a regular one.

Ella is getting really good at using the big potty, but I'd love a small sink - our counter is extra high, so I always have to lift her up.