Saturday, March 5, 2011


This is the most expensive bowl of soup I've ever had, it was well worth it. For one thing it was beef stew by Marvelous Catering so it was wonderful, but more importantly it was for a good cause. Last night I took Will to the Food & Care Coalition's Bowls for Humanity. The annual fundraiser has local artists and students donate pottery bowls. For the purchase of a bowl you get a free bowl of soup.

I've wanted to go every year and always forget about it, but luckily saw a reminder this week. The event started at 6:00, we got there around 7:30 and there were only about 10 bowls left. Luckily there was one that I really liked so I still got to participate and walk away with a beautiful bowl.

On the way there I was trying to explain to Will what we were doing and how we were going to a place that is there to help people that don't have any food to eat. After discussing it for awhile Will very somberly asked me if we would ever not have food to eat. I feel very blessed that I was able to tell him no, I don't think that is something we will ever have to worry about.

We are surrounded by family and friends that would step in and help us. Even if it was just a couch or floor to stay on, I don't ever have that fear of not having a warm place to sleep and a good meal. And I actually get more than that every week in an amazing meal at my parents.

I want to just express my thankfulness for what I have and the ability to give a little bit back to others.


Marty Wombacher said...

That soup looks amazing and nice of you to give to a good cause. And you're right, sometimes we forget how lucky we are to be able to take some of the basics of life for granted.

Maiken said...

I wish I had known about the event. I've had times where I've been saved by someone else and to return the favor is still strong.

Britta said...

That's so interesting - my pottery instructor is making 100 bowls for the exact same reason - I think it's a wonderful idea for fund-raising. I am going to buy one of his bowls when he's done.

the Lady said...

Such a wonderful lesson for Will. Kudos to you for showing him how blessed he really is!

Wade The Rascal said...

You are such a GREAT mom, Kari. Will is going to grow up to be a pretty amazing dude.
That's a great charity, one I've never heard of.
Yeah, I was thinking just the other day that I'm so lucky. No matter what crap is going down in my life, someone else has it far worse. I should be better about counting my blessings.