Saturday, March 12, 2011


I love rain storms. I wish we had a lot more of them. But maybe they are so special because they aren't that common. Besides the frequency, the one thing I don't like is how short they are. If you're in a rain storm in Utah, just wait a few minutes, it will pass. I was at my parents house tonight and at least got to enjoy it for a little while.

We can see the storm coming from the north, lighting and thunder the best kind of storms.

It was odd but after the storm reached us it actually lightened up the sky. I got just a bit of a rainbow.

I wasn't able to capture it well from the porch, but a down pour was going on right after this shot. And yet just turning around, this was the sky. Another thing about storms here, they can leave a whole part of town completely untouched.

And a few minutes later, blue skies replaced the gray.

And there sure are a lot of power lines surrounding my parents house!


Maiken said...

As I was driving to the store for mom I saw the rainbow among the downpour and thought it lovely timing. When I lived in the west part of the Salt Lake valley I could start in sunshine and driving east I'd gradually enter a rainstorm.

Marty Wombacher said...

That last shot is amazing!

Britta said...

I wonder how you would really feel about living here...the rain storms that happen in the dessert are so different. We rarely get lightening and thunder or pounding rain. Just constant downpour. All. Day. Long.

Kari said...

Yeah Britta I'm sure I might feel differently. Kind of like people who have never lived where it snows and its seems cool because its different.