Monday, May 30, 2011

Just Passing Through

I need to start this post by saying, please don't be worried by it. I'm not planning on going anywhere. But the point of it is that you never do know when your time will be up. And having things planned takes some of the worry out of it. I don't see this as tempting fate or whatnot, but being realistic. And hopefully I have a long full life ahead of me.

Enough of a setup? I would like to plan out my funeral. Well parts of it. When my aunt Bis died a few years ago she had everything planned from who would speak, what they would talk about and how long they would talk. She even had the caterer picked out with the menu planned. Some details will obviously be up to the person actually going through with the arrangements, but some things I'm pretty particular about. And I'll be dead so I guess in reality its not really about me, but yeah it is about me. Humor me.

~Obituary: I read a lot of obituaries. Fascination I have. Please list how I died. Hopefully I wouldn't die in a way that would embarrass my family, but if I did, make a vague reference or say it was an accident. People want to know these things. Give the people what they want!

~Organ Donation: Please have them take what they can. I'm a little skived out by the body to science concept, but short of that, go for it. Let someone else benefit from my passing.

~Cremation: This wasn't something I wanted until recently, but I have a few reasons for it. First, easier if they end up being able to use a lot of things from my body. Second, I find it a little ridiculous that we pump dead people full of chemicals, pay thousands of dollars to put them in a fabric lined metal sealed casket, and more money to put that in a cement vault. Please don't do that. I don't judge you if that's what you want. But I don't.

~Burial: I want my ashes scattered up the canyon. If someone wants to remember me I don't want that done in a cemetery that holds no meaning to me. I want someone to remember me in a place that gave me joy and comfort and maybe they will experience that there too. I have a very special spot at the top of the pass between Hobble Creek and Diamond Fork canyons. Maple Lake is pretty special too me also. Along with an overlook at the top of the Nebo Loop. As long as I'm up the canyon, I'll be happy.

~Funeral: I don't want a church funeral. I'm sorry if this will make some people sad, but its just not me. I would really like a bbq up the canyon somewhere that people can just reminisce and hopefully share fond memories. If you brought a guitar and sang songs around the campfire, even better. If its bad weather, maybe you could use some of my life insurance to rent out Bombay House and have a great meal on me. And on the weather note, I really want it to rain. Hard. That would kind of mess with my canyon funeral plans, so maybe it will wait till that night. Or the day after, or the day I die. Cause you know, I'm planning on being able to control this. But if it rains, please smile.

~Will: I really hope that when I die Will be a grown man that I have seen live a great life. But if for some reason I pass before then, I hope this blog is still around and that he gets to read it. That if nothing else he will be able to see the love and joy I got from being his mom. That kid is pretty damn special and I hope he grows up never questioning the love he has surrounding him. I will forever be part of you bug.

And because no one leaves saying they wish they'd said it less, I love you guys. All of you. I'm surrounded by wonderful people in my life and I'm not sure what else I could truly want out of life than that.


Maiken said...

I like that you know what you want for your funeral and such because it's about remembering you.

But, if I die first I still want bagpipes. You could arrange it rather than play yourself. ;)

Love you, Kari!

Sharon said...

Beautiful, just beautiful.

I Love you, Kari.

Marty Wombacher said...

Nice Memorial Day post, Kari! Love you too and glad we're friends!

Louise said...

I'm with you on the no cemetery thing. I don't feel like my Mom is there. I guess they'll do a church funeral for me, but I love the idea of a BBQ up the canyon. Mormon funerals aren't usually too sad, but a party sure sounds like more fun.

Britta said...

We talked about this so you know I don't think this is morbid - I think it's smart to plan ahead. I have very similar wishes. Definitely NO CEMETERY. I'm not sure exactly where I would want my ashes spread but definitely somewhere in the Utah mountains.

Wade The Rascal said...

One of the BEST----POSTS----EVER!!!! But if you die soon, I'm going to be really, REALLY pissed at you.
OK. Yeah, I love that you have the guts to plan it all out. I hate thinking of death too much, so I just don't. But you and I are a lot alike. Donate my body, burn it up, spread me over the Alaska Range, and have a celebration for my life and our friendship. And let there be clapping and laughing and eating and drinking. But no smoking; I always hate that ;)

Maren said...

I completely agree about the obituary thing. I want to know what happened! Maybe I'm too used to reality tv and knowing every detail about people. Still...

Beth said...

Kari: Your funeral sounds wonderful, the only bad part of it will be that you will be dead. Maybe we should just have a great BBQ in the canyon telling fabulous stories about your life sometime this summer as a practice run of sorts and a chance to get together.