Saturday, June 4, 2011

Foto Friday

Two weeks of lameness! Good thing I had a good post in between. I had this plan tonight that we were going to go to take the kids to the carnival and it would be a great time to practice different lighting shots and hopefully get some good pics. Well I guess I should have actually looked online before I made those plans, cause the carnival starts next week. Awesome. And I was too tired/bored/lazy to make a different effort today.

I did take a pic of Will and his awesome accessory of the day. Some show was on last night and they mentioned legwarmers and Will perked up and asked if I knew where his legwarmers were. Which Maiken bought for him a few years ago when the girls all got some. He was putting them on this morning explaining how you could wear them when you didn't want to wear pants, but they are kinda like pants and he should start wearing them with this pajama shorts. Ok.

Before we left
Will: mom, are people going to laugh at me?
Me: probably, but you should still wear what you want to

(blowing the dandelion in the pic was his idea, and if there was anything this pic needed it was dandelion blowing!)

I hope my child doesn't hate me when he gets older.


Maiken said...

Oh man what a fun kid. I aided this outfit and only felt a little bad about laughing later. :)

Anonymous said...

tell will people laugh at me all the time...i have such a sense of fashion...but hey laughter is good for the soul...KOC


Marty Wombacher said...

"probably, but you should still wear what you want to"

Great advice! Don't follow leaders and watch the parking meters. Nice photo of Will too!

Megan said...

He looks awesome!! And to have the confidence to blow on a dandelion in the picture :)

Britta said...

I agree with Marty - that was great advise - don't forget that being laughed at about my mismatching socks didn't stop it from becoming The Trend of the year.

Kari said...

@maiken, I should have gotten a picture of the pajamas too. If nothing else our kids gave us a lot of laughs that day

@rr, I would love to see a pic of you sometime! And I promise not to laugh ;)

@marty, occasionally I surprise myself with wisdom :)

@megan, yes I'm in love with childhood confidence!

@britta, I saw Target is selling mismatched pairs of little girls socks. When I saw them I just thought, and to think my sis was such a trend setter way before her time!