Saturday, June 11, 2011

Foto Friday

Yesterday Maiken and I took the kids to Lagoon. For those that aren't familiar, Lagoon is our local amusement park. I don't like amusement parks and haven't been there since high school. Lines, crowds, scary rides, extremely expensive, who wouldn't want to go! A friend at work had a free pass only good for Friday that she couldn't use and gave to me. We decided that for free, we couldn't pass up the chance to take the kids, because we're pretty sure we may never take them again. It would have cost us $165 if we'd paid for it. That's just crazy people. So off we went to make the most of our opportunity.

Any amusement park is going to have lots of this, waiting.

We very quickly found out which of the lines moved the fastest and avoided all others. Luckily one of the rides that never had a long line was the perfect ride for Will.

Getting to pretend to shoot other planes? Perfect! This shot is out of focus, but I just loved how much he enjoyed this ride.

After a few of the kiddie rides we went over to the water park. Which would have been a lot more fun if it had been about 20 degrees warmer. The water was freezing! When we were getting out of the lazy river a couple was getting in and stopped at the stairs when their feet hit the water. The lady asked, are they trying to make it as cold as a river? Yeah lady, I think that was the issue. Not the weather.

I didn't want to take my nice camera into the water park so I had just grabbed my little one. And forgotten that it needed to be recharged. So I only got one picture before it died. Good thing I made the one picture count.

Even with the freezing water, we still had a lot fun. After a few hours we made our way back to dry land. And took to the sky in helicopters

And planes

All the kiddie rides have a lock on the seatbelts so the attendant has to come around with a key. It makes for a lot more waiting.

Maiken and Lucia took a spin on the Dragonfly

Then a ride across the park on the Sky Ride. My last visit to Lagoon was my senior year of high school, the last week of school. Because I don't like roller coasters, or the majority of other rides, I can't say I'm the most exciting person to hang out with there. I went on the sky ride while my friends went on the roller coaster and the plan was to meet up right after. Except my "friends" decided I wasn't much fun and never turned up at the meeting place. So I spent the last hour just riding the Sky Ride back and forth. Good memories. Maiken was remembering that she really liked the Sky Ride until she got on it. Oh well, ended up being one of the two rides I actually went on. And its a good way to see the park.

The other ride I went on was the Carousel. I know, I told you I'm exciting. And my very adventurous child picked the little bear that rocked instead of going up and down.

Lucia went for the cat and Maiken wanted to ride a stallion.

After six hours this was the look on Will's favorite ride.

Cue time to leave!


Marty Wombacher said...

Great photos, but I get the sense it was a long day! That shot of Will in the goggles is priceless! Nice one!

Britta said...

I haven't been there since High School either. I think lagoon costs about the same as Great America and has about half the rides. But hey-the kids are old enough that they will remember it and that's pretty cool. Will makes the best faces-and I'm trying hard to ignore that line about Maiken's horse. ;)

Maiken said...

It was very much a once in a decade trip. I've never been big on amusement park rides. But stallions.... ;)

Anonymous said...

ditto marty's comment...KOC


Tom said...

If not for kids, how would us parents have any fun? You need to get over your roller coaster issues for Will's sake... Just ask Britta how awesome the Raging Bull is!

Kari said...

@Marty/rr, thanks and yes fun but very long!

@Britta, I couldn't resist ;) Good thing Maiken can take a joke.

@Tom, luckily Will is just as scared as me, so we're good for now.

Wade The Rascal said...

Ah! The kids will love these photos as they grow older. Very cool. I liked the shot of the carousel swings!

I didn't go to Lagoon in high school. On that day, me and 2 friends went sky diving instead. (A good trade for sure).

The last time I went to Lagoon was maybe 8 or 9 years ago with this girl I was SORT OF dating. I thought, "This place is so full of hood rats and little wannabee gangsters; I hate this place!" And, that might have been the last time I go to Lagoon; I suppose we'll see as Jericho gets older.

Loving the blog, Kari.

Kari said...

Thanks Wade, the carousel was my favorite shot. And yeah don't think you've missed much staying away from the place.