Friday, August 5, 2011

Foto Friday

I have no idea how people like my friend Marty do a daily blog. I'm really struggling to do a weekly one. And struggling to feel motivated to even use my camera. But I'm not giving in. I'm gonna force my way through it because I know it's good for me. And hope that sometime soon the desire to do it actually comes back.

The one time I actually pulled my camera out this week was because I loved this dill that my mom was drying from her garden.

I also noticed that I had a few other pictures I never posted, so a continuation of photo catch up.

Sometimes things don't go as planned

And sometimes when you don't expect it, you come around a bend and find a natural spring water fountain at the end of your hike. I'll have to say I now really want there to be natural spring water fountains along all the hikes I go on.

We haven't been to the pool as much this year because of the cool weather at the beginning of the summer and then having a lot going on this last month. But we did make it one time while my sister Britta was visiting. Will and Lucia are both very comfortable in the water and want to stay for hours.

Ella was happy as long as the water wasn't above her knees

And Sophie was most content on the towel

Last month while on a hike I came across this humongous mushroom. I included my very dirty foot for size reference.

When I showed my dad this picture he said that it's a puffball mushroom and that they taste really good and I should go back and get it. I told him there was no way in hell that was happening. This thing creeped me out big time. As I was walking down the trail I kept looking behind me to make sure nothing was hatching out of it and following me. Creepy.


Anonymous said...

hey now...hang in give us some great shots and captions...go at your own pace...MAD is obviously a driven just do your thing...KOC


Marty Wombacher said...

rr is right, I'm a driven man...driven by drink! Those dill photos are amazing, great work! And I agree, that is one creepy mushroom!

Britta said...

I don't know how Marty does it either! But I will give you the same advice you gave me - sometimes you just have to force yourself to do the things you love.

My girls are such chickens. Sigh. Great photos - that dill means pickles in your future!

Wade The Rascal said...

I love the dill photos; looks like you're looking down on this amazing forest.
Also love that mushroom; holy shiz that thing is large!

Kari said...

Thanks guys. And Britta, that is great advice.

Beth said...

That cracks me up--to think of you scurrying down the trail to escape the giant mushroom. You are really getting some great photos, kari