Sunday, August 7, 2011


Rain is a sign to me from the heavens that everything is going to be ok. I realize this may sound like a very narcissistic thing to say, but it doesn't matter, that's just how it is. Now that doesn't mean that every time it rains it's a sign for me. But it does mean that I do feel a connection to the heavens every time it rains.

This evening I went to my sanctuary, the canyons. In need of some soul fulfillment, struggling with a question, I sought out my refuge in the quite of the mountains. I made my way down a trail I have started before but never gotten far on. There was nothing extremely special about this trail, nothing that made me stop to pull out my camera which swung along my back. I've never made it far on this trail in part because it's steeper than my cardio level considers enjoyable. But I kept pushing along making sure the hike was at least long enough to be considered a workout.

Nearing my designated minimum time, I stopped to catch my breath and take in the view. A short ways off of the trail there was a clearing with two trees. They had a very inviting air around them. A place that you would like to lay under and dream away an afternoon. I headed through the tall grasses towards them to find out that the canyon grazing cows had also found them inviting which meant it wasn't a place you would want to lay. I continued past the trees which lead to another small meadow lined by a grouping of aspen. Aspen have been my favorite trees for a long time. And I'm not sure if for some reason I never noticed this, or more likely it escaped my memory, but the leaves fluttering in the gentle breeze sounded exactly like a rain storm.

I closed my eyes. Standing in the mountain meadow feeling the roughness of the waist high grasses running through my fingers. And on this hot August night without a cloud in the sky, I got my rain. And carried by the sound, the comforting feeling still washed over me. Every thing is going to be ok.


Wade The Rascal said...

This was a very inspirational blog entry, Kari. I have neglected nature for a few weeks. I need to reconnect and get out there soon.
That the aspen leaves sounded like rain, and made you feel that everything is going to be OK, made me feel...OK.
Thanks for posting this when I really kind of needed it.

Kari said...

Wade, I stepped out of my comfort zone a little bit and posted this because of the blog you wrote about the raven. So I'm glad you liked it.

Maiken said...

I'm glad you take time to find these spots- especially off paths you wouldn't normally go.

Britta said...

Beautiful! Everything will be okay. I tell myself the same thing. And it will.

the Lady said...

I love that you believe that the rain is just for you... it really is, you know.

Marty Wombacher said...

Nice post, Kari! Glad you had a comforting moment in the rain. Life can be too much at times and it is important to realize that everything eventually becomes okay. Great photo at the end too.