Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Child's Mind

I recently saw a similar idea in Pinterest, and was very happy to see my mother-in-law had done this for Christmas. She asked each of the grand kids questions about their parents and then wrote them up as a gift. I think I might start doing this regularly with Will because I thought it was so funny. So according to Will, answers about me and Pat.

~What's mom's favorite food: tortillas and tacos with tomatoes
Dad's: ramen
(I do really like tacos, but I'm surprised even Will wouldn't say hamburgers for Pat)

~Where was mom born: Germany
Dad: Florida
(the funny thing about this one is that Pat's older sister was born in Germany and his younger sister was born in Florida. I was born in California and Pat was born in Massachusetts.)

~Favorite ice cream, mom: Vanilla
Dad: Chocolate
(not my favorite, I need stuff in my ice cream, but he did get Pat right)

~Favorite place to go, mom: Where Aunt B lives
Dad: England
(well I do enjoy that, although my dream is his answer for Pat)

~Favorite vegetable, mom: mom likes all kinds of vegetables
Dad: cherry tomatoes
(pretty close on that one)

~Favorite movie, mom: Don't know any movie she likes
Dad: Star Wars

~Does mom have a nickname: No (I really don't)
Dad: the kids in my class call him Pat (totally made me laugh)

~Pool, ocean or lake, mom: Ocean (definitely not)
Dad: pool

~Favorite snack, mom: tortillas
Dad: ramen
(apparently there isn't a lot of variety in our lives)

~How much does mom spend on food/week, mom: $20 (I wish!)

~How much does mom's car cost? $200 + $1,000
(well that's just more than what I owe on my car...)

~How many flashlights are in mom's house: 1 or 2 or 3 or 4
Dad: 5

~Best gift mom & dad ever got from Santa: They never told me what they got from Santa
(I have rectified this)

~Favorite toy as a kid, mom: paper dolls
Dad: action figures


Marty Wombacher said...

I don't know why, but the flashlight answer cracked me up!

the Lady said...

What a great idea! Happy New Year, Kari.

Britta said...

That's hilarious. My kids had better know I was born in Texas. I drilled it in to them. Why, I'm not sure...

Maiken said...

I bet he'll get a kick out of this in ten years. :)