Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Wrap Up

One of the things about being so "involved" on Facebook is that sometimes I feel like there is no point in having a blog, because I can just post stuff there. So this ends up being a repeat for most people. Oh well. If Facebook ever goes the way of Myspace, I guess I still have this history.

Christmas is over and done with, although those things I needed to mail but didn't want to stress about so said they would be New Year gifts, guess they still need to be done. Overall Christmas was very good except for the fact that I got a 24 stomach bug and was sick all of Christmas day.

Maiken and Britta and I all made my dad Monte a set of the 12 Days of Christmas ornaments that we had previously made our mom. He's been revealing them online one at a time though, so I feel like I should do a separate post later to highlight some of those. I get Will an ornament each year and the last few years have tried to make one. With the exception of two years, they have always been related to his Halloween costume that year. So I was already planning on making him a royal guard when he saw me working on the ones for Monte and asked if I'd make him a royal guard. I will say the shirt took me way too many patterns, but I was happy with how it turned out.

On Christmas Eve we had new visitors this year, Santa, Mrs. Claus, a reindeer and Buddy the Elf thanks to some cousins and a friend. They were all really cute and I think the adults enjoyed the laughs as much as the kids did.

Will promptly told me this wasn't the real Santa because he met the real Santa at school. But I loved the look in his eye of curiosity that they knew his name and one of the presents on his list.

I may have been up a little too late last night having fun on Facebook. I'd realized that I hadn't gotten any pictures of Will in the beret he asked for, honestly it was lucky I got any photos taken on Christmas with the way I was feeling. So I asked Will if he'd put on the beret and a scarf I made him. While taking some photos he kept asking if the shirt he was wearing was French and if someone French would wear it. They like Lego Star Wars in France right? Sensing he didn't feel the ensemble, I went searching for a different shirt. Not finding anything I told him he should put on his coat. I will say this is probably my favorite photo of Will from the whole year. Well minus the one from the colors festival.

This led to a FB discussion about him needing a mustache to complete the look. He wouldn't let me draw one on, but said I could do a paper one. Man I love this kid.

I hope everyone had a good holiday and wish everyone the best as we begin a new year!


Britta said...

Love both pictures of Will - I don't think you said on FB what his obsession with France stems from?

Kari said...

There really isn't an interest in France. He wanted the beret because Jamie on Mythbusters wears one. I guess he just knew they were from France, and wanted the picture to be authentic I guess. His thought process is pretty entertaining.

Marty Wombacher said...

Nice post and that last photo of Will with the handlebar moustache is hilarious!