Saturday, November 15, 2008

Bean Museum

Maiken and I decided to take the kids to the Bean Museum today. They have a reptile show on Saturdays, and we thought the kids would enjoy that. We were sort of wrong. Lucia was very interested in asking questions, or at least raising her hand, even if she didn't have a question. She was willing to pet the turtle, Will was not.

After about 5 minutes of the reptile show the kids were ready to move on. I remember the museum being a lot larger, but it has been quite awhile since I have been there. Will loved the exhibits that had the button you can push to find out more info. He wasn't really interested in the animals they were talking about, just that they had a button you could push. When he realized the rest of the exhibits did not have buttons, he was done with the museum. Or at least made that clear to me by throwing himself on the floor.

After some prodding we did get the kids to look upstairs, and they got a lesson in the circle of life. There were a couple of displays with animals attacking prey. Both kids were a little disturbed about the animals being killed. (I don't think either of them really understood that all of the animals in there were dead.)

Back down stairs and we discovered a play room. Not sure why it is there, other than a place that kids can get out some of their built up need to touch things. This was by far Will favorite part of the museum. They had a truck.

Another tantrum after being separated from the truck, and mom is ready to leave. Not quite sure how long it will be before we try this adventure again, but hey, at least it was free.


Megan said...

Some of those dead animals are freaking scary! I don't know that I would take Topher there mostly because it weirds me out, but like you say, it is free :)

Kari said...

Yeah I actually remember being pretty scared going there as a kid. Luckily Will and Lucia didn't seem that interested in the animals to be scared :)

Kristen said...

I always think of these fun things to do with my kids, and then I have this idea of how much they are going to love it, and of course their reactions are never what I imagine them to be. The zoo, for example...Brynn could have cared less about all the "cool" animals. Her favorite part was the stray birds that flew in looking for food. Who knew buttons would be a highlight for Will!?!

Britta said...

The only thing I remember about that museum was going to the King Tut exhibit.

Johnsons said...

How fun. My mom took Wyatt there the last time that we were in Utah, and he loved it. He talks about it more than any of the museums that we go to out here, and we have tons out here. Im sure it will be a tradition now every time we go to utah. You little guy looked like he really enjoyed it.

Maiken said...

Lucia was excited to see a bear which will continue to prompt her to tell stories of Papa Bear shooting a bear (not true, just scared one away). She also like the insects- especially the ladybugs. It was a step towards culture though. ;)