Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Oh yeah! Be jealous!!

So I don't think I would have actually paid to go see the Kenny Loggins concert (at least not the prices they were charging), but when they said we needed more volunteers to work back stage I said sure. I'm glad I did, even if I should be in bed right now because I have a pretty crappy day ahead of me tomorrow. But tonight was fun. There is a roller coaster feeling to working back stage of a rock concert, really fun, exciting times, and then really boring times. Like having to be security at a door that no one has come in or out of for over an hour, sorry Ian!

Ian and Penn (guys that I work with that also volunteered) were assigned as backstage security. They got to have some tackling training, but in the end got a pretty boring job. It was cool to be in the hall with the band though before and after the show, it was just pretty boring to be in the hall during the show. Although while giving Ian a break, Penn did a very good job of entertaining me with his rock band impersonations.

I got assigned to wardrobe. I wasn't sure what this would involve, especially since I had been warned a few days before that Kenny is a nudist. I ended up being in charge of steaming his shirts and jeans, and the band members shirts. It was kind of nerve racking because the steamer keeps shutting off about every 10 seconds so it doesn't overheat. I had no idea how picky these guys would be about little wrinkles in their clothes. But I have to say they looked pretty good, and I didn't hear any complaints :) The band members had some good taste is shirts, Kenny on the other hand was wearing one that was covered in large pink flowers. Not so rock n' roll to me. I was one of only three people allowed in the dressing rooms, so that was pretty cool.

The best part about the night was just hanging out in the back while everyone was getting ready. Kenny stayed in his room and away from everyone else, so I can't really tell you anything about him, but his band was pretty cool, and his manager is awesome. My new favorite guitarist is Scott Bernard. Ok, no I had never heard of him before the show. But he was really nice, and a great guitarist. I just wish they would have let us take pictures with them. Here is a picture from another concert (Scott is on the left), in the same outfits I steamed for them.

The band was really chill, and the manager CJ was very down to earth for someone who is as involved in the "biz" as he is. He asked my name when we first met, and remembered it for the rest of the night, calling me by the correct name the whole time. That's actually pretty rare for me. There are people I have worked with for eight years who still pronounce my name wrong.

After the concert started I got to go inside and be security along one side of the theater. It was pretty fun. I will say, the next time you go to a rock concert, make sure to take ear plugs. They make a huge difference in your enjoyment level. Especially when you are that close to the speakers. I did have to be mean and pointed out someone who had snuck in a video camera. Besides that one "incident" I basically just got to walk around and look official, but it was fun. I gave Penn and Ian a break from their less exciting jobs and gave them a chance to go inside. While relieving them I got to chat a little with the roadies in the back. They looked like the typical band roadies, but seemed like nice guys.

After the concert while waiting back in the hall for the band to get changed for the meet and greet, Penn and I overheard an interesting conversation between the crew guys trying to figure out how they were going to get the "hotties" in to see Kenny. My little view into the "real" rock n' roll lifestyle :)

It was pretty cool to see "Your momma don't dance" performed, great memories from my childhood. Overall it was a fun time, although a very long day. Not as long as the people that actually work there, who are still there, but I'm still pretty tired, so that is all for now. Back to my boring desk job tomorrow.

*I forgot the best part! We were given very strict instructions from the tour manager that no one, NO ONE without a pass was allowed back stage. Penn was handling the main door back stage. When the Mayor showed up, Penn asked to see his pass. Now of course Penn knew who he was, but they said everyone. Well the Mayor didn't have a pass, so Penn turned him away, even though we all knew he was doing the introduction for Kenny! Ouch! He had to go track down someone and find his pass and come back. It was by far the best work moment I have ever had! And I'm just so glad it was Penn working the door and not me. Penn is already a hero to the tech crew that have had their own issues with some higher ups :)


Britta said...

Yes! I LOVE that the mayor got turned away. Too bad it won't change the fact that he has zero respect for city workers.

This reminds me of when we saw Huey Lewis and The News - there was no way I'd ever pay to go, but since it was free - I had a blast. And I'm pretty sure I really embarrassed Tom with my dancing and screaming - just a side benefit.

I'm going to go turn on Footloose and Ella and I will dance to it, pretending we were there with you. You have to admit, this is a much better plus to your job than knowing what parks are available for parties at all times.

Kristen said...

Way to go Penn! That is awesome. And a fun post to read. Where was the concert?

Good luck with your day...

Susie said...

Yay Kenny! That is so awesome that you got to have the whole "back stage" experience. It was definitely worth the lack of sleep, I'm sure.

Megan said...

Was Kenny Loggins the secret? J/K :) Sounds like it was fun!!!

Kari said...

The concert was at the Covey Center for the Arts, next door to us. It's not a very big venue for rock concerts, so Kenny might be the biggest name we see.