Sunday, November 16, 2008

Christmas Chorus

So I've never really been big on inviting people to something, but since I have a blog, figured I should post this.

The Christmas Chorus is having their annual concert on December 6th and 7th. The performance on Saturday the 6th is a matinee at 1:30 p.m. that kids are welcome to attend. The performance on Sunday the 7th is at 7:30 p.m. and is for 8 and older.

This is a choir that is conducted by my aunt and has had multiple members of my family perform in it. This is my 9th year performing and my mom, two aunts, and two cousins are also performing this year. My sisters Maiken and Britta have performed in previous years, along with several other extended family members. This is the 29th year, and my mom and two aunts were all original members. I don't think it would feel like Christmas to me if I didn't hear this music. I have attended every year except the four we lived in Nevada. The choir was created to perform Benjamin Britten's Ceremony of Carols. Every year that piece is performed along with several other pieces that change each year.

The concert is held in a beautiful rock church on the grounds of the Utah State Mental Hospital. Sounds weird, but it is a beautiful setting for a Christmas concert. Don't let that worry you though, they have never made any of us stay. Even the year that my cousin Katy was in a wheelchair (double foot surgery), and we raced her down the sidewalks screaming and laughing. I'm sure there were people that thought we were trying to escape.

No obligation to attend, but just a shout out.


Britta said...

I need to get my cd out - I am already starting to cry. I wish I was there!

Susie said...

Yay! I'm so glad you posted the date so I can plan for it. We will most definitely try our hardest to be there. I love seeing it as well.