Saturday, February 7, 2009

Death Mobile

This is the latest car to be added to Will's ever growing collection:

Ummm....yeah...that is a hearse. Matchbox makes a hearse. (sidenote: I always thought it was spelled hurse)

I'm not sure why they make a hearse. To encourage kids to want to grow up to be a mortician? I just wonder if the person who decided to add this to the line of trucks, race cars and jeeps envisioned the conversations this might create between parent and child. I mean I have managed to not say what I'm thinking about Will's pimped out 70's van, but this one is a little more difficult to side step.

Me: It's time to go to bed
Will: But I want to bring my new car to bed
M: Ok, you can bring him to bed
W: It's not a him mom, it's a car
M: Sorry, you can bring your toy to bed
W: It's not a toy mom, it's just something I play with

In bed

W: Mom, how come a hearse has to drive slow?
(great, how do I answer this.)
M: Cause it's not a race car so it has to drive slow

The closest we have come to a discussion about death is when we drive by the Provo Cemetery and Will asks what it is. I did tell him that it's where they bury people that have died. I'm just not sure he knows what died means. When he asked more questions we decided it is like the junk yard where they take cars that no longer work, just for people. He was satisfied with that answer.

So maybe if the cemetery is like a junk yard, then a hearse is like a tow truck? I think I'm gonna go with that.


Maiken said...

The hearse takes the broken down people away like the tow truck takes the broken down cars away...only the hearse doesn't take people to get fixed. Yeah, good luck!

Years after watching Harold & Maude I wanted a hearse.

Wade The Rascal said...

I plan to be cremated. But if I wanted to be buried, I'd definitely want a car exactly like that hearse to be my ride.

MJ said...

A tow truck for dead people. That's awesome. Now I'm ready for the death questions. Bring it on!

Tom said...

Found a book at the library today called "Where do people go when they die?" It's in the little kids section, written for just your dilemma. Oh the wonders of the public library!

Also just found it on Amazon here:

Kari said...

Wow Tom, I'm impressed. I do love that it's listed as "Jewish Interest". For some reason that makes me even more curious to read it.