Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day

Since I can remember, my mom has always given us girls something on Valentines Day. When we were growing up she would make us a special breakfast and have some special present for us. Some years it was jewelry, one year custom made t-shirts, but always something to say I LOVE YOU. Even when I moved away to college, I still got a little package in the mail on Valentines. This year it was beautiful tulips and Ferrero Rocher. And who can't be happy eating Ferrero Rocher. Maybe because of that I don't view the day as only a day between you and your significant other. I think it's a day to be thankful for all the people in your life that you love.

There is part of me that feels like you shouldn't make the effort just because it's a made up holiday, and that showing your love on any day just because you care is more important. But some times we just need those forced times to make us really think about it. Sort of force us out of our daily routine and take notice of what's around us.

So on this Valentines, even though I am physically alone today, I am feeling very loved. I have an amazing family (immediate and extended) who I love dearly and I know they are 100% supportive of whatever I do in my life. I'm not good about calling people on the phone or making the effort to stay in close contact, but I know I can see or hear from any of my sisters and immediately feel better about the day. I have great parents who help me out in any way they can, at any time, even if it's not convenient.

I have amazing friends who let me go on and on about the same drama and petty problems without ever telling me to get over it. I have some friends that I talk to on a very regular basis and others that I might not talk to for months. And yet I know all of them are right there for me if I ever needed them. I have wonderful coworkers (current and past) who I consider some of my best friends. They have to deal with my quirks on almost a daily basis, and yet they are still there for me.

And as weird as it may sound, I have really great online friends. Some fit into other categories mentioned, and others are just that. But right now I have some great ones and I greatly appreciate the love and support I get from them.

Even though my marriage may be over, I ended up with a wonderful little boy who I love dearly. (and just for today I won't think about all the times he tells me he won't be my friend anymore) And I ended up with a great added extended family that I care for as much as my own.

So on this day of expressing love, I want you all to know how much I love you. And how grateful I am to have you all in my life. And even though I severely dislike hearts, I'm gonna post one, cause that's how much I am ok with today being Valentines Day.


Kristen said...

We love you and Will - Happy Valentine's Day, sister!

Kris and the fam

Maiken said...

Love you!

Wade The Rascal said...

Right back at ya Kari. (I'm assuming I'm your online friend).

Susie said...

What a sweet post, Kari. We love you guys.

Britta said...

I heart you too.

Kari said...

Yes Wade you assume correctly. Although we have now physically been in the same room, so we better be careful or we might become "real world" friends too.

Andrea said...

Happy Valentine's Day!