Sunday, February 8, 2009

New Haircut

I've been resiting getting Will's hair cut. I wasn't happy with the last one he got and was scared to try again. Will inherited the very strong Van Wagner cowlick that means if it's any shorter than it currently is on top, it sticks straight up. I've tried wetting it, gelling it, everything I can think of, and it will look fine when we leave the house but by the time we get anywhere it is sticking straight up again. The problem is that if it's long enough to not stick up, it hangs over his ears and down into his eyes.

Pat has taken Will every time to get his hair cut, so I figured maybe if I took him, I could better explain what I was looking for. I'm pretty happy with the result. It's not perfect, but for the amount of wiggling he was doing, I think she did the best she could.

I really miss the days though when his hair started to curl when it got long, and just looked wispy and cute. It's sad but the first time you cut those little curls off, they never grow back. At least if you inherited my straight hair they don't.


Megan said...

I know what you mean. Topher's hair curls a little bit right now and I'm afraid if I cut it at all the won't come back. I guess the paranoia is caused by my stick straight hair. I think Will's haircut turned out great!!

MJ said...

I love the new cut!

My kids hate haircuts, but my oldest has poky straw hair and it looks crazy in about 3 weeks.

What a cute kid you have!

Maiken said...

Sooooo much better. He was looking like a ragamuffin. :)

Andrea said...

Will's haircut looks great! What a cute kid you have.

Britta said...

He is such a little man with a real haircut. Too cute.

I see little girls with adorable "short" haircuts, but there is no way I'm cutting Ella's. Not only do I like being able to put it up, I'm afraid her curls will disappear too!

Susie said...

This is off topic, but every time I see a picture of Will, I think about how he is the perfect mix of you and Pat. If you could morph the two of you together, it would be Will. It's pretty cool. Makes me wonder what the hell Adelynn is going to look like at Will's age...I really have no clue.