Sunday, August 16, 2009

Gittin my hick on Part III

Will has been asking for about a month to go to a Monster Truck Show. Since his birthday is in September I figured I would start looking around and try and find one close to b-day time. None to be found, but there was going to be a Demolition Derby at the Utah County Fair in Spanish Fork. So I asked Will if he would be interested and it was decided we would go.

I wasn't exactly sure how I felt about going to a demolition derby, I'll admit I felt like I would be surrounded by a lot of acid washed jeans and halter tops. Surprisingly, I had a lot of fun. Although I wouldn't recommend the stadium very highly. Sitting on wood benches without backs or leg room for three hours will make you do something you have never done before.

I have never left a sporting event before that clock hits zero. Never left a concert before you are absolutely sure that another encore is not about to happen. And yet, I suggested leaving the derby before the final event. A tired kid on my lap and a whining one next to me made me falter. Even so I think we all had a good fill of getting down in the dirt fun.

A fire added to the excitement

And for a kid obsessed with tow trucks, the fact that most had to be removed from the ring that way, was just a huge bonus.

A really hard hit

First hit of the round, both cars stayed that way despite several attempts to unlock the cars, even by other cars ramming them.

Powder Puff round (all women). You can't see it very well but the green/blue car right in the middle drove in already on a bent axle, and yet went on to the be the only driver standing taking the round handily.

A friend heard on the radio that there is going to be a monster truck show in the area next weekend. So our adventures will continue next week after getting the chance to see GRAVE DIGGER!!! (supposedly he's pretty good :) So far my neck is still pretty white, but we will see after this summer full of adventures.


Shelbot said...

EVERYBODY loves a good demo derby. If they don't, they're lying. Is that how you spell lying, cuz I'm quite seriously not sure right now.

Britta said...

Grave Digger is always supposed to be there - and almost never comes. I'm pretty sure Will would still love it. Maybe you could get a clip-on tail hair-piece so he can feel more at home.

Maren said...

Okay...if you are really looking for some hick opportunities, you MUST come visit Arkansas. Everyday is like a hick buffet. We stew in our own hickness.

BTW, you have one cute kiddo.