Sunday, August 16, 2009

Gittin my hick on Part II

Utah County Fair here we come!

Animals to see and smell. Cows seem much bigger from 4 ft away. Apparently 80's aerobics are very big with the lamb crowd.

Weirdest rabbit I had ever seen.

This little lamb was tied up outside by itself. It was crying like crazy. A toddler tantrum has nothing on a crying lamb, that is one annoying sound. Will asked what was wrong with the lamb and someone said that maybe it was just lonely being outside by itself. Will got very concerned for the lamb and thought maybe we should go over and stay by it so it felt better. He wouldn't leave until some more lambs were brought out and we assured him that the lamb now had friends to keep him company.

Will has shown a recent interest in legos so you can imagine his delight when wandering the 4-H/crafts area and we came upon a little lego town. Will just wanted to keep walking around and around staring very quietly at it asking for it all for his birthday. Crying was involved in our departure from lego town.

Quick lesson on bigger and smaller

And of course giving in for a few carnival rides. And this is why you give in to paying those ridiculous prices, for the look.


Britta said...

Yeah, that ride looks like the one that Maiken scanned in from us in 1980. We went to the fair with Alyssa once - it was a lot of fun - did you see the racing pigs?

I almost bought Will a tractor calendar - maybe I should.

Britta said...

I just realized this was the county fair - I've only been to the state fair.

Andrea said...

Those lamb leotards are so hot right now.

I love Will's haircut!