Sunday, August 16, 2009

Gittin my hick on Part I

A few weeks ago Will and I tagged along to a rodeo with my sister, niece and my sister's friend from high school. I pretty sure the last time I went to a rodeo was when I was about 12 and we were staying part of the summer in Washington. Sounded better than sitting at home though, and I'm glad we went.

The best part probably ended up being that the seating was just on grassy berms, which meant plenty of opportunity for the kiddos to run around. (and roll around)

Will was most excited to see the bulls, which of course are the last event. Which meant several hours of "Is it over yet?" because then it would be time for the bulls. The first event was the bare back riding. After the first horse bucked the rider off in about 3 seconds, the pickup men came out to wrangle in the horse. Will got really upset and asked why they were putting a rope around his neck and that was not a nice thing to do. I explained that they weren't hurting the horse and they were just trying to get him back in the corral. I didn't bother mentioning that the strap tied around the horse's hips was probably worse then the rope around his neck. Wait till he sees the calf roping...

My photo skills involving moving animals in a lighted arena were severely lacking, so here's another one of the kids enjoying pre-rodeo time.

*Will later told me his favorite part was the water tanker that sprayed down the arena and asked if we could go to another rodeo so we could see a water tanker.