Sunday, December 6, 2009

New Obsession

If you had told me a year ago that Will would go a month without touching his beloved "vehicles" collection, I would have laughed. But its true. It seems these days are long gone...

And have been replaced with days of...LEGOS!!!

driving in the car with Will
Will~ Mom what are your favorite things?
Me~ You, trees, monkeys...
W~ Oh!! If you got me a jungle lego set I could build you a tree and a monkey!
W~ What else do you like?
M~ Mountains...
W~ I could build you a lego mountain!!
M~ Could you build me a lego Will?
W~ (thinking) I don't think my head can know how to do that, but I could build you a pretend boy

M~ What do you want for Christmas?
W~ A lego set where you build a fire truck and a fireman
M~ Ok, what else do you want
W~ A lego set where you build a police car and a policeman
M~ Ok, besides legos what do you want
W ~ Well...maybe a car...or maybe a lego set where you build a car


Sue said...

hehehe. How cute. That's awesome. Legos are so great for building problem solving skills and fine motor skills as well. Good job!

Grampi said...

Gonna build a mountain, from a little hill.
Gonna build a mountain, least I hope I will.
Gonna build a mountain, gonna build it high.
Don't know how I'm gonna do it, only know I'm gonna try.
- We used to sing this song in High School Swing Choir (That was before the Monkees recorded it)

Britta said...

But he still wants to make vehicles out of the Legos - awesome. :) Love you, Will!

Swede_Lady said...

I suppose it would be stranger if he wasn't consumed with one thing. He does seem to enjoy playing with Lucia and they don't usually touch the legos. Oh well, he's still the sweetest boy ever! :)