Sunday, May 23, 2010

Fun for Cancer

Ok not really for cancer, but as a fundraiser. My co-worker Jennifer was involved with a cancer fundraiser in Payson yesterday so we decided to take the kids over. Hawaiian shaved ice is awesome when its 50 outside. Quick trip home for some additional clothes and back to the party.

I wanted to take the kids because of an animal show that Jennifer's sister was doing. Will was most excited about the fox but I didn't get a picture. The only animal he didn't reach out timidly for was the bunnies.

Then out to ride Segways. Might be the perfect mode of alternative transportation for both Maiken and I because neither of us fell off. Here is proof of Maiken remaining upright. I hate to admit it, but they were pretty fun. I think I went up a notch in Will's book because now I'm just that much closer to Mall Cop.

Cold morning but we had fun and donated some money. Seemed fitting with the funeral of a friend Cindy, who passed away from cancer, the day before. This week my heart goes out to Cindy's family, to Jennifer's family who lost her brother 2 yrs ago, and for Porter, cause our animal friends count too. And to those in my life that are still fighters, Aunt Chris, Aunt Karen and Sharon, keeping kicking cancers ass!


Swede_Lady said...

The variety of animals was pretty impressive. I love how the football players asked to sit down with the kids and have a turn holding the bunnies.

I would love to see the day when cancer dies!

Kari said...

Oh yeah I was gonna mention the football players, it was pretty sweet.

Britta said...

Dude - Segways are AWESOME! I was so embarrassed when we had to strap on our helmets to go on that tour - I thought we were all going look like idiots. I was so wrong. I want one really badly, even though I have zero use for one.

And that bunny looks like a cat.