Sunday, May 23, 2010


What multiple posts in one week? Two in one day? What has become of my blog? Guess I'm just preparing for the PA festivities next week. 3 days to vacation!!!

So last night we decided to take the kids to Pirate Island. A themed restaurant in the area. Its kinda like Chuck E Cheese but not as creepy. Ok so if dead guys all over the restaurant is not as creepy, gives you a taste of my love for the Chuck.

It wasn't really that cool, I mean it doesn't hold up to Pirates of the Caribbean, but I have a new goal in life. The staff has to dress up as pirates and I have decided that would just be awesome! I don't really want to make half my current pay as a waitress, but I wonder if my boss would let me dress up as a pirate every day? I mean Halloween is only one day a year and that's just not enough!

Also got photographic proof that Will has inherited my lack of ability to look through a scope without eye assistance.

And Maiken decided to entertain us with some great pirate jokes.
~ Where do you find Buccaneers?
~ Under my buccan hat


Swede_Lady said...

No, you're supposed to ask where my Buccaneers are and then I tell you they're under my buckin-hat!

It was a pretty elaborate place, but the kids liked it so I suppose that's more important. Let's see if the kids still want to be pirates by Halloween.

Kari said...

same dif

Britta said...

I totally want to dress up every day. I loved working at the costume shop even though the pay was crap. We HAD to dress up in October. It was awesome.

That picture made me laugh.

Where is this place? Did they switch out the Mayan.

Kari said...

B, its actually where the old theaters at the orem mall were. I didn't even think about the costume shop, maybe I need to get a part-time job there.

Swede_Lady said...

Also, you have me booty but keep your hands of me chest! ;)

Britta said...

Wow Maiken - those are some seriously terrible jokes. Maybe you should tell them to uncle Dave.

The costume shop is closed. :( But I'm sure there are others - I would totally go back and work somewhere like that just for fun.

Andrea said...

That place sounds like fun!. I love the picture with the telescope!