Monday, May 10, 2010

For Porter

I hope I'm not stepping over any boundaries by posting this, but I just wanted a chance to say goodbye in some small way. My sister's beautiful portuguese water dog Porter passed on today after a short battle with cancer.

Porter was a big, bumbling ball of fur and one of the sweetest dogs I've ever known. He wanted to believe he was a lap dog and would sit in your lap soaking up belly rubs if you let him. He's been by Ella's side since she came home from the hospital and I just can't picture her without her side kick PoPo.

On top of all his cuddles and patience with kids, he's a champion show dog. And even with that status he still let Britta dress him up every Halloween and adorn him with crowns and hats. Porter I'll miss your tilted head begging for attention and your soft curly hair. I'm sorry I didn't give into your requests more often and hope that puppy heaven is full of belly rubs. You will be so missed by your family and I'm sending them all the love I can during this time. Four years was such a short time for you to be part of the family, but you were. Go peacefully Porter and run.


Swede_Lady said...

Very beautiful, Kari!

Britta said...

Thank you Kari - that was very sweet. I love looking at pictures of my little guy. I miss him a ton.

the Lady said...

Porter was the most amazing dog! He is certainly missed. Thanks for posting about him.