Sunday, January 9, 2011

12 Days of Christmas Ornaments

This post is mainly for my dad Monte. Years ago my sister Britta and I made my mom a set of felt ornaments representing the 12 days of Christmas. Sadly a few have been lost, these are what she has left. Luckily she does still have my favorites.

Partridge in a Pear Tree - This one is actually one my mom made when I was young. Ours was the same, but it doesn't seem to be around.

Three French Hens - We weren't sure what a french hen looked like, but berets make everything french.

Five Gold Rings

Six Geese a Laying

Seven Swans a Swimming

Nine Ladies Dancing - This was one of my favorites that Britta thought up

Ten Lords a Leaping - Another favorite. It took us a lot of time to figure out something to do for the lords a leaping. It was right before the 2002 Olympics in Utah and we came up with the pole vaulter for the leaper.

Twelve Drummers Drumming - In high school Britta and I were in the bagpipe band. I played the pipes and she played the drums, sadly we were never in the same year. So she made a Scottish drummer and I made a piper for the eleven day. Sadly I couldn't find the piper.

We have both commented that it would be a lot of fun to make these sets again, but they took a LOT of time. Maybe we will at least get full sets made for ourselves sometime.


Maiken said...

Looks like a project we should work on throughout the year so we can fill in the holes.

MontejH said...

Many Thanks!!! These are great! And yes, I hope you re-furbish the set by next Christmas!

Britta said...

I still think they were pretty clever - unlike some ideas I've had that don't really stand the test of time.

I'm super sad the piper is missing - that was one of the best ones. I guess if we don't have to make ALL of them again - it might happen. :)

Marty Wombacher said...

Very cool ornaments! What year did you two make them. Maybe this year you can remake the lost ones.

Kari said...

Britta, I swear I saw the piper this year, so I'm hoping it turns up.

Marty, we made them in 2000, so I guess 10 years is a good run.

I think we will have to work on refilling mom's set and then while were doing that, make a copy for ourselves.

the Lady said...

These are adorable.

Maren said...

I love these! I am an ornament them! I think I might try to do this for next year.