Friday, January 28, 2011

Foto Friday

Well I found out Wednesday that the pain in my shoulder was from a torn rotator cuff muscle, the result of a fall on icy steps several weeks ago. Although it had been bothering me for weeks, it was aggravated by taking off my coat of all things. After a painful weekend last week, and some progress on the pain, it was re-aggravated by high-fiving our 6 ft chipmunk mascot Zippy while filming a skit for the latest episode of our work cable channel show about our department. Don't ask me for a link to the show, which isn't up yet, because if you have any desire to see it, you'll have to do the detective work on your own. Lets just say I now have a new answer to, what's the most embarrassing thing you've ever done.

Luckily my tear is minor and the chiropractor thinks it should heal on its own. So its ice packs, ibuprofen, no high-fives, and waiting. Waiting is not something I'm good at. I also have this awesome blue V on my shoulder for the next 5 days. When the dr told me it was BYU blue, I told him I hoped it wouldn't burn my skin.

I really have no idea the purpose of it, although I assume its supposed to be giving some sort of support to the muscle. I wish it gave my arm some sort of super power, when in reality what it does is give me the random sensation that something is stuck to my arm, and then I remember, oh yeah something is stuck to my arm.

In other photo related news, my dad convinced me to use part of my tax refund and break down and finally buy an SLR camera which I have wanted for a long time. He found me a beginner used model on Ebay that will be here shortly. So maybe in the future I'll re-find the motivation to take the kind of foto friday photos I'd originally planned on, instead of just randomness. First he'll have to help teach me to use it though!


Maiken said...

BYU blue does burn your skin!!! I'm glad you're getting help, though.

Hooray for a new camera! Maybe you can take the pictures for my design projects.

Marty Wombacher said...

I've had a torn rotator cuff and they suck, I hope you feel better soon. What kind of camera are you getting and what makes it special? I'm a dope with cameras. And you HAVE to post a video of this cable show!

Kari said...

That is a good question Marty, and one you'd think I could answer after spending such money. But really my dad sent me a link and said, this is what you want, and I bought it. I'll let you know once I figure that out :)

Britta said...

Did Dr. Hansen give you that blue thing? He would say something like that - and if it were me, he would say it to make me mad. He also does not explain things unless you ask. But still, he's my favorite person I pay to keep me healthy.

I'm jealous of the new camera! Ours is really good for an instant - I want a better one but will probably have to wait till next Christmas.

Kari said...

Yes Brit he put it on and yeah he asked if I had any questions, but I have a hard time asking questions when I'm at a dr's office, I think of them later. And felt kinda stupid asking, ummm, what did you just put on me? He is pretty awesome though.

Britta said...

I think it was the third time I went that I finally asked him why on earth he was flicking me with his fingers - it was acupuncture. I don't think I've ever had a dr seem annoyed that I was asking questions - gotta get over that, dear.