Friday, January 14, 2011

Foto Friday

Last weekend we took the kids to Incredible Pizza, an arcade plus buffet. The food was incredibly bad. We went specifically because we saw they had mini bowling and thought the kids would have fun with that. We thought wrong. At least with Will. He kept asking me when it was going to be over. And Maiken and I decided that mini bowling is much harder.

Looking at the scores, player 1 was Will, player 2 Lucia, player 3 combo of Maiken and I. Lucia obviously got the hang of it a bit better. When Will and I went a few months ago he beat me but we were not on even playing fields. He had the bumpers, I didn't. In this case Maiken and I have no excuse.

ETA: The thing that irritates me the few times I have taken Will to such a place is that you spend $20 playing games to get tickets which in the end allow you to purchase something you could have gotten 10 of at the dollar store. Now if Will just saw the value in having fun playing the games, worth it. But no, when you tell him he does not have enough tickets to get another one of the plastic army men (that he has 100 of at home) suddenly it was the biggest waste of the day and the last hour of fun disappears from memory. Ahhh, childhood.

Tonight we went to my cousin Lisa's wedding reception. Wow my little cousin got married! She seems so young and yet I think she is the exact same age I was when I got married. And small world moment, when I walked in I saw an old employee of mine that I haven't seen in about 4 years. I went and asked her who she knew and it turns out the groom is her 1st cousin. The bride is my 1st cousin. Very small world. I wish you many happy memories Lisa and Court.


Marty Wombacher said...

That bowling place sounds like an upscale Chuck E. Cheese. What kind of food did they have? Congratulations and best wishes to your cousin on her wedding day.

Kari said...

Marty it is kinda like the Chuck. They had a full buffet, main thing was pizza, which was the worst pizza I have ever tasted. Then very upscale other options such as cut up hot dogs in bbq sauce and hamburgers staying warm in water.

Maiken said...

I liked the themed dining rooms. I watched bits and pieces of I Love Lucy, The Beverly Hillbillies, and Gilligan's Island. Also, there was Coke.

Britta said...

Chuck E Cheese pizza is no worse than frozen pizza - but it costs 10 times as much. We only go when Ella's friend has a gift certificate, but I have to say the kids LOVE it, so even though the prizes are crappy, they have fun.

Andrea said...

Those bowling scores are usually close to what I get every time I go bowling. At least you try to take Will to do fun things, even if he gets frustrated with the lame prizes.