Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Video Star

The other day Will and I were sitting on the couch and Will said he wanted to tell me stories. Of course they never repeat it as well when you bother to get out the camera. But here is Will telling me a story about his lost cars. I can't get over how he says "lost" right now, his pronunciation of "helicopter" is pretty cute too. (I swear I was holding the camera perfectly still)

Here is Will singing Hush Little Baby to me. I think he only remembers one line, and it's the one line he has always been most interested in.


Swede_Lady said...

Sweet! Of course he knows SUV. I wish I had a video of him telling me about the snow storm that damaged the cement mixer.

Didn't you used to be able to identify the sound of a helicopter versus an airplane when we lived on one of the Army bases?

Britta said...

Should we have bought Will a new outfit for Christmas? Does he own clothes? ;)

He seriously has a freakish memory for different types of vehicles. Tom was happy about the Jeep, and that it was first.

Susie said...

So cute! I miss that boy.