Sunday, October 5, 2008

3 yr old scientist

Ok I know this is something that every parent deals with, the "why" phase, but holy crap sometimes I can't deal with it! The hardest part is coming up with an explanation that a 3 yr old can understand. I don't mind the questions, it's me trying to explain it 5 different ways and him still not getting it, but also not letting it go. These are some of the things I have tried, unsuccessfully to explain just this weekend:

- What the "present" was that came in our mailbox. Was it a present for Bella? (her birthday is coming up) No, it was a sample of tampons. He wanted to know what they were, but why can only girls use them, what exactly do you do with them. Can I play with them? This brought up the memory of a black mail picture though. (yes that is what you think it is)

- What is that sign on the road? It is telling us that they are working on the road and we need to drive slow. But why? Because they are fixing the road. But why, what does the sign say? Why can't I see the sign now? Where is the sign?

- Why isn't the crane driller guys still working on the bridge? Where is the blue tanker truck that was working there? But why don't they work at night? Daddy works at night, why does daddy work at night?

- Which led to, is Target closed? Yes Target is closed but daddy works there when they are closed. But why? Is Walmart closed? No Walmart is not closed. Why?

- The police are not going to crash into us. I completely blame this on Spike TV and Pat watching Most Amazing Videos too many times. Will is now convinced that if we see a police man they are going to crash into our car to get us off the road.

- No I don't know why we haven't seen any tractors. It could be because it's 10 p.m. and we are driving on the freeway. That was not an acceptable response. But mom I WANT to see a tractor!

- There is not bird poop on our kitchen floor. No that is a scratch in the linoleum. No I can't explain it any better than that.

All of these but one took place in about a half hour's time. This is why sometimes I guiltily look forward to going to work. Don't get me wrong, Will is a great kid, but I'm just scared that this isn't going to be a short phase and the questions are just going to keep getting harder.

Of course then there are the questions that just melt your heart. Like when singing Hush Little Baby to him and he asked "Why did the horse fall, is he ok or hurt?" and then several weeks later, "Mommy, why you buy me a goat?"


Andrea said...

OH MY GOSH! Will is so adorable. His questions crack me up and I can totally picture you trying to answer them all. I miss seeing him when you'd bring him into the office.

P.S. that picture will haunt him.

Susie said...

hahaha. That's funny crap right there. I wish I could say it goes away...but Zarek is 5, and we still get the endless string of "why" questions. So cute, though.

Shelbot said...

I think it transfers from "why" to "guess what" because that's all Aubree says when she's with us.

Guess what, but guess what. Shelli guess what, to the point that we've banned her from saying it around us. She has to come up with different words to get our attention.

Tracie Bramhall said...

I am not looking forward to that stage. My nephew is at that stage and it is very draining because I do not have good answers. I need to keep working on having better answers.

Bless your heart! I love the tampon question!

Wade The Rascal said...

Well, I guess I have a lot of this to look forward to then. Awesome.

BonBon said...

that is pretty funny. I kept seeing that picture and trying to figure out if it was what I thought it was.

Great way to capture the inquiring mind!

Britta said...

It's incredibly funny when you are just reading this and not having to answer them. Ella is still in the "scream" stage - even though she is perfectly capable of "using her words" to tell me what she wants. And if my answer is not what she wanted - there goes the screaming. And I agree with your friend - the "guess what" stage comes next - Alyssa has been there for about 2 years now.