Sunday, March 15, 2009

Disaster Area Contained...for today

It must be the spring in the air. And seeing all the fun projects my sister Britta has done in her home, even though she was 9 months pregnant, I guess Tom was a little bit of help on that. I decided to try and tackle the mess called Will's room.

When Will was born I had all of these fun ideas of what to do in his room, had a whole theme picked out and everything. Yet the only thing that got finished was his curtains, crib and bumper pads. And he slept in that crib it took me 3 months, 2 coats of primer and 5, yes 5 coats of red paint to finish, for only 6 months. So maybe that is why I haven't been more motivated. He doesn't actually "sleep" in his room.

The other un-motivating thing is that since we live in an apartment storage is at a bare minimum. So Will shares his room with my sewing stuff and anything else that I don't want to keep in the storage unit. But, I was tired of walking into this:

Now I did debated about humiliating myself by posting the before pictures, but you just can't get the effect of the after pictures without them. And I'm hoping that any parent with a kid over 2 has had these times. And if you haven't...suck it. (sorry mom)

Dramatic pause to the reveal:

Normally I'm not a fan of the line all the walls with furniture, but like I said, we are dealing with limited space and LOTS of toys, so this was the best I could come up with.



Featuring my new shelves from Costco which I'm very excited about.


Yes is does help clear up clutter if you get the Christmas decorations back to the storage unit before March.


For staging purposes only, the quilt top I finish 4 YEARS AGO, but never made into a quilt. And Will was very upset that I took off his truck blanket for the pictures so I have a feeling that even if some miracle occurred resulting in the quilt being finished, that it would never end up back on this bed.

Now if I could just get Will to sleep in his newly organized room...


Swede_Lady said...

I like the changes you made to the room.

Britta said...

Awesome! I love the stars - You should just tell Will he can't have the truck blanket back until he actually sleeps there. :)

Andrea said...

Guess what?

My apartment looks like the before pictures.

I have no child to blame this on.


Susie said...

It looks awesome, Kari! You're getting me into the nesting mood as well!

Shelbot said...

I should have taken before and after pics of our other room. I think it was worse before i took it all to storage.

Maren said...

I love your costco shelves.

Also..."suck it"....thanks for the laugh.

Congrats on the organization. Feels so good!

Bonnie said...

I LOVE organizing my kids room. I LOVE the shock I get when I walk past that said room and out of the corner of my eye I see clean! Great job!